Workshop Experiences

What participants had to say

I appreciate your time and experience very much…I know it must seem crazy with the ‘primal’ nature of my issues… and you take it all in stride…Thanks so much, Jonathan

Jonathan Foster, RA, LEED AP

My transition to my desktop from my laptop has been smooth! Yeah. One Catalog, united in Truth!

Jim Wolfson
January 2018 Workshop

Jamie and Seth,
Thank you both so much for a wonderfully clear Lightroom workshop this week. Thanks to you I hope to experience a relatively easy introduction to the workflow (and even have a workflow)! Then as if this isn’t enough, each lunch was delicious that was completely outdone by Seth’s dinner with so many fine wines. I loved the John Anthony Cabernet Sauvignon. Thank you! Thanks to Jamie’s cookies I survived my overindulgence!
And Seth, I will keep forgetting items every time Tom is with me so he has to pay the fee!
It was epic! We already knew how great you guys are but this time was especially wonderful for me. Learned a lot (and must practice, practice!), met interesting photographers and shared good food and wine in your beautiful home. Loved feeling a part of your family’s daily routine and marvel over your orchids bordering your yard. It was all heavenly. Well done. Thank you.

Blessings and peace,
Elizabeth and Tom, January 2018 Workshop

Thanks again for a great workshop. You are not only knowledgeable technically but are great teachers. I marvel at your patience, experience, and understanding in teaching students who have such differences in experience with the program and with their work in general.

Charlotte Temple, January 2018 Workshop

Hi Jamie & Seth, Thank you both for an outstanding workshop which clearly exceeded all my expectations! I now feel much better prepared to shoot in raw, have a good digital workflow and use LR to manage & develop the images.It was great to meet you both and all the others last week. I really enjoyed it and I’m hoping what I learned there can help take my digital photography to the next level.

Thanks also for hosting the workshop in your home, that is rare indeed….the party and BBQ Thursday night was great!

I have already joined the forum, and will keep in mind your other offerings, including the trips!

My contact info is below. If you and/or Seth are ever in or near the Houston area, please do call.

Thanks again, Cheers Mark Winslet PS – Got to run now and continue arranging LR images on the iMac at home, and start a B&H wish list for Gabe!

If photography is your passion, whether you are a professional or an amateur, the D-65 workshop is an essential step to making you a better photographer.

The extensive depth of Seth and Jamie’s knowledge, willingness to generously share this information, explain and demonstrate the workflow, concepts and techniques, is truly remarkable. As though that weren’t enough, they make it fun!

You will walk away from this workshop having taken your photography to a whole new level; to a place you’ve never been before.

We are truly very fortunate to have these two professionals share their valuable knowledge and experience with us.

Nancy Leigh, New York
Director of RR Donnelley

I worked for Seth Resnick years ago in Boston. I then took his d-65 workshop 15 years later in Boston.
He has not changed a bit!!I wanted to work with Seth after I saw him at a lecture in Boston in 1995 where he did a slideshow and talked to aspiring students about how they could all shoot the very cool assignments he shot and just exactly how how to do it. His enthusiasm, honesty and knowledge was just awesome. Working with him was a blast and an honor. He had so much to share – anything new that he learned or that worked for him was immediately taught to me and his other assistants.

When I took Seth and Jamie’s D-65 workshop in Boston in June 2009 I realized that he is still doing the same thing – sharing his incredible life experiences through amazing images while teaching others how to be as organized and professional as he is – with great intelligence, sarcasm and candor. I thought that I would be in a room with people from Boston but quickly realized that I was one of the few attendants from Boston. People had heard about Seth and Jamie from all over the world – and with good reason!

The class agenda was seamless and efficient – Seth and Jamie followed the chapters in their book and each in-class assignment had purpose. The workshop was never dull or repetitive, just interesting and led me to want more. I asked a lot of questions and never felt as if they were bad questions. Seth and Jamie were patient with everyone and took time during the workshop and the breaks to help.

I learned lightroom. I learned how to be more organized with my equipment, shooting and the process after – including how to send files to clients. I learned how to cut my “post shooting” time in half – I can find, send and post images immediately. I took some time off from shooting and thought it would be very difficult to learn new software – I went into the workshop feeling behind, and left feeling empowered.

Rosemary Tufankjian Photography

I am definitely not a workshop person. My experience is that workshops are targeted at the least knowledgeable person in the class and they seldom get to a point where they are useful to those with some experience that wish to expand their knowledge or skill level.I was in the audience listening to Seth speak on Thursday 10 december at Tulane. I always go to free events because I can usually pick up a few good tips. Seth’s enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge was impressive. So much so that I decided to participate in an expensive workshop. One of the few I have attended.

At the end of the day Friday, the first day of the workshop, I was still skeptical but hopeful. Mid to late morning Saturday the rubber hit the road. After laying the ground work Friday you two moved into more than the basics. From that point on I got what I wanted. Between then and the end of the workshop on Monday the work flowed. I do believe that my workflow will improve dramatically (after I reorganize my files) and I will in fact spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind my camera. My administrative work flow (that other than photography) will also improve.

I have prided myself on being finely focused and organized all of my life. Compared to you two I now feel like a loose ball of short pieces of string.

It was a pleasure working with you for several reasons:

  • You knew the answers to all of our questions. There were no professional secrets.
  • You were always enthusiastic and outgoing.
  • Your presentation was excellent. Engaging is the word that comes to mind.
  • You gave us all information that will improve our photo businesses.

Thanks for the information.

John Pickles

This week, I took the “D-65″® Digital Workflow Bootcamp 4 day seminar in Manhattan, taught by Jamie Spritzer and Seth Resnick, who present a very polished workshop in cities nation wide, with massive substance.

As a duo, they are brilliant in their shared and mock combative presentation. They are deeply informative, using Adobe Lightroom® as their basic process foundation. Both are expert in the photo/biz/digital environment in which we live. Seth is first and foremost a fine photographer, also a photo software developer in his own right, brings international photographic kudos, and has spearheaded the rights and business practices of photographers, when few others did so, in the wilderness as a founder of Editorial Photographers. He is expert in Search Engine Optimization for websites and well, you get the idea.

They are also, husband/wife, live in sunny Southbeach Florida.

What is striking, is the entire seminar is a class act. From coffee, to wine. From the selection of the venue, in this case The Dakota, an 8th floor rental photo studio on 5th Avenue just south of 14th Street. There is practiced thought clearly in how to run a workshop, from the lines of electric outlets are provided for each participant’s laptops, hard drives and other electric needing devices, to black fabric on all desks, reducing glare, and copious amounts of coffee, milk, tea, half & half, bottled water, sodas, fruit and pastries, for the participants.

The projector for follow-along on a large screen is state of the art and both Jamie and Seth are “wired” for sound so that one doesn’t miss a pithy word.

The content of the class is far more than anything in their Lightroom® book they authored though they have been giving Workflow classes based on Photoshop® way before.

Jamie & Seth are so keyed into the major players in the photo industry, that their asides and anecdotes are worth the price of admission.

You go away, hearing how Adobe programmer Knoll, thought up adding aqua in the color sliders of Lightroom® because he and Seth were on an Antarctic expedition together and the glaciers simply had colors that defied a single slider of blue.

Seth delivers the information, with massive doses of personality, and opinions. This is not a workshop that is either timid or vanilla flavored.

It is also so much information that the breaks, the lunch are welcome to wring out one’s head to clear it for the next go round.

Participants range from long time veteran shooters, to engineers, to archivists who travel from Maine as well as Mexico in this class to participate. They limit the number of students, judiciously, so that everyone can participate. It is a hands on lecture and both Jamie and Seth are busy helping each student, individually when needed.

The breaks are informative and fellow participants quickly develop a camaradrie which is encouraged…as at the end, everyone gets the signature “RAW” black “T” shirt, (raw files being the mantra of digital/excuse me: Photon Gathering image making.)

During the class GOD, in the form of Jay Maisel will stop by, sans cigar to offer up a pithy comment or two as his assistant is in the class this time around.

Luci, Jamie & Seth’s 2 year old, occasionally appears, seeing her photo on the screen, saying, “I’m bigger.” No neophyte at 2 years, to photography. Watch out world.

In this note, I certainly won’t try to discuss the substance of the course. It is important, however for any professional who wants to compete in high end digital file post production. It provides solutions and capabilities to enhance the services of any photographer to his/her clients in today’s competitive market place. It debunks a great deal of myths propagated by “clueless” art directors, clients, photographers, printers and lab technicians.

And its all done in a breezy style as you’ll leave the 4 days, saying things like, “OKAY DOKEY” and “Wait there’s More.” Or “This is More Better.” Constant word constructs in Jamie and Seth’s delivery.

And indeed, Wait there’s more, as the final hours are devoted to business and the consumption of major wines that participants are encouraged to bring. And this is no plastic cup sip fest. This is real stemware drinking with participants competing with each other as to who brought the better wine. Warning: Seth and Jamie are mavens and wine is a food group to them.

But WAIT THERE’S MORE: After taking the class all participants are invited to join the D-65 Yahoo group to later discuss and iron out work flow issues and those issues strictly are the only issues permitted on the forum…but as a follow up tool, again, worth the price of admission.

If you take this course, as a photographer, you’re in a very small professional percentile of the universe in our business and its invaluable.

While its a cliche and often said during class, this is one workshop “that rocks.”

Jonathan Atkin

I would like to thank you for the workshop I attended in New York earlier this year. I had been intimidated by Lightroom as well as Photoshop, not being a well versed computer user. I was also disappointed in losing the use of a color darkroom, that I had used for years as well as my own black & white darkroom. However, after your workshop I got over my aversion and discovered the open ended creative possibilities
afforded by digital photography (without resorting to novelty type manipulation) and am enjoying printing again. See attached poster of my upcoming show where I used Lightroom exclusively as the photo editing software.

Joel Hawtof

One more thank you for the D-65 Lightroom Workflow class. I now know exactly what I have to do, I know where to begin and I know how to do it. How can I thank you for the ability both of you have to explain so much technical information in such clear and understandable terms? The workflow for my photographs is totally re-configured and re-energized. It will never be the same!

Nancy Hellebrand Blood

I can’t say enough good things about this workshop. I’ve been working digitally for a year and struggled to gather information from different places. If you really want to know what you are doing, know how to get good prints, know to how deliver work to your clients in a way that is insured to look spectacular – take this seminar. I am thrilled. This seminar was recommended to me several times by other photographers and the first time I tried to register it was sold out. It would have saved me tons of time if I had taken it sooner. It has also been reviewed in several photo magazines as one of the best workshops for digital photographers.

Here is one tip: did you know that there is a larger color space than Adobe 1998 that we should all be working in? It’s called ProPhoto.

Laurie Rhodes Photography
Documentary Style Photography for Capturing Human Moments

Your workshop was FANTASTIC! I have been to other workshops in the US before but this one tops them all. Seth and Jamie, your presentations were as thorough as can be, ensuring that the most salient areas were understood if not by all, certainly the vast majority.

The manual we left with is a definitely a TREASURE. Whatever was not verbally and visually presented in the intense 4-day period is clearly presented in the manual with color photos and callouts plus red fonts highlighting areas of high importance.

As a photo enthusiast I know that my learning curve would be greatly steepened by the knowledge gained. The information you shared with regard to building structures for the effective management of one’s digital images was another vital element for me. Oh, and by the way, I did not feel any way intimidated in the midst of all those professional photographers. Your choice and level of technical language certainly helped.

The Lightroom experience was quite timely and a huge ‘WOW’ for me since I have just started using it and did not yet plagued with too many ‘bad habits’. It is also a great feeling to have been exposed to such a deep understanding of Lightroom at a time when the software is in its infancy. I know this can only augur well for me as Lightroom comes into its own.

My workflow (which was really ‘workcreep’) is now beginning to FLOW and I know it soon be POURING thanks to D-65.

The archiving techniques you shared with us is invaluable since the huge challenge for all of us is to keep our painstaking work easily accessible ten, twenty or perhaps even fifty years from now in spite of the phenomenal changes in digital technology.

Thank you Seth and Jamie.

Mike Peters – Point Fortin
Trinidad, West Indies

I’ve never attended a seminar of this type before and I enjoyed it immensely. You two are a fantastic team as teachers, a beautiful couple, and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d prefer to learn from. Your vast knowledge of the subject manner, you light-hearted manner, the banter back and forth, made the four days fly by. I will definitely be way more productive than ever before and will actually enjoy sitting down at the computer and downloading a thousand shots from an assignment instead of dreading it. It’s now all so easy thank to you two.

Best Regards from the guy sitting at the front table, the class valedictorian,

Just wanted to thank you again for hours and hours of time saved in processing! I shot about 1100 photos on May 26 of the Swiftsure International Yacht Race out of Victoria. 30 – 70 ft sailboats. With Lightroom I was really able to breeze through then, putting them into collections under the name and sail number of each boat and batch processing the colors. Tell Seth I can’t thank him enough for telling us about taking the filters off the lens – no purple halos and the recovery on the whites work great! The colors are fantastic in Prophoto!

Just wanted to thank you and Seth again for an outstanding workshop. You both did a great job of sharing your knowledge and experiences; written material very well done; and your love for the subject and desire to help us was clear.

Dave Woodcock

I got the first proofs back today of the India “blad” (the 16 page piece the publisher prints to send out to get book orders from the wholesalers).

Thanks to you and Jamie, I am blown away at the color match between my files and the printed piece. Unbelievable. And shadow detail and sharpness and colors I’ve never seen before.

Of course, I’m probably still doing everything wrong. But all I care about is that what I see on paper is about 500% better than my best expectations. Incredible!

Eric Meola

Thanks again for a great lightroom class in San Diego, it’s pretty brutal being cooped up in a dark room having the computer end of Photography rammed at you for days, but you guys did a superb job and were also great fun with it too! Definitely backing the D65 workflow and shall be following it with Lightroom from here on out!

Nick Hamilton
Photo Editor
Transworld Snowboarding Magazine

I’d like to thank you for a terrific workshop. I never imagined I was in for such a treat when I applied , but as we went along and you gave this amazing amount of information and experience I was kind of out of my balance at first. But as you guys said after the second day things began to settle down and in the end I felt great as I imagine everybody there too. Back to Brazil I’ve been showing off and my friends have been asking me to give them lessons on Lightroom. I hope to become a repeated offender so that I may keep in touch with such a tremendous teaching team.

Let’s toast to this!!!

Antonio Nunes-Baur-SP-Brazil

Thanks for an outstanding workshop! I regret that I could not thank both of you for your commitment to excellence. We need a lot more of the commitment each of you provided in our workshop in this increasingly mediocre, sound bit oriented world.

Now my task is study manual and put it all in action¦ A significant, but welcome task. I just today ordered a Drobo from B & H and am looking for drives in area stores to meet my modest needs at this time, but with an eye to expansion in the future.

I have signed on and reviewed the D-65 Forum. I am sure it will be very useful as I implement the D-65 workflow. Again, I greatly appreciated the great Workshop.

Ben Williams

Thank you so much from one of the hobbyists in the room. I learned an incredible amount and look forward to applying it all, even tho I am my own primary client (other than the grandkids)–and I remain my the harshest critic. I have already bored my husband to tears with my efforts to enthrall him with all I learned. (He liked the RAW shirt I gave him, tho)

judith freeman

I really wanted to extend again my appreciation for your workshop. It was worth EVERY PENNY, you came highly recommended and did not disappoint. I’m often skeptical of workshop’s that once there I will be board to tears and feel like I wasted my time. With D-65 I never once felt that way. Seth your personality and knowledge is amazing, and your ability to openly share that and give photographers real tools and techniques to build their business/career is invaluable. Jamie you too have an amazing ability to share the wealth of knowledge you also posses, and I might add that your taste in food was refreshing as well. I most appreciate the ability you both have to be “real” with your audience. I knew at the first f-bomb that I was going to have a good time, and a great time I had. I look forward to spreading my enthusiasm for the both of you and some wheres I am sure we will meet again.

Luke Mazziotti

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a tremendous amount at your workshop. You all do a terrific job.

I have been to several other workshops and can unequivocally say that minute for minute, dollar for dollar, pixel for pixel, I learned the most from your workshop. I honestly believe that with the help that you provided, my constipation will go away. Greg was right…Seth is like Ex Lax–he opens up holes. Now, as always, it is just a matter of finding the time to put all the learning to work. I look forward to attending a future workshop shortly after launch of LR 3.0 and 4.0 and 5.0…

Skip Klein

Thanks again for the workshop, your patience with all my questions, and for providing such a great service through your teaching and all your contributions to this industry!
Teri Bloom

I don’t think I’ve said “awesome” so many times during one workshop! I was sad to leave our little bootcamp… however what I took away will help my biz tremendously!

Melody Cassen

Thank you again for creating this seminar. It was truly a remarkable 4 days of training. I’m very excited about integrating this information into our workflow in our department.

Mimi Yamasaki

As a businesswoman by background having raised capital for an investment company for a number of years, I found Seth’s strategy for the business of digital to be right on the mark. I recently attended an all day seminar where several renowned photographers were to discuss how digital has changed photography. The response was overwhelming, over 400 people registered. Unfortunately, none of the speakers really addressed the topic like Seth did. I learned more about the effects of digital on the business of photography in Seth’s one to two hour talk than in the all day seminar. They really should have had Seth as the speaker!

Jean Hurley

Thank you and Seth for a really well organized, thoughtful and fun workshop. You are a great team and you should both be commended. I was sent an email by BH and you were but one of several folks doing workshops. Your website and the testimonials you have there were what sold me and I wasn’t disappointed.

Thanks for making it fun. It could have been informational and dry, but it was informational and a kick in the pants. I am one of the amateurs that was in the group, but felt quite at ease, and inspired by the both of you and the other participants.

Mike Phillips

Thank you so much for everything. My head is still spinning, the way a prize fighter must feel when he takes a hard left hook to the head.

The workshop became easier when I understood all I needed to do was to pay attention, absorb what I could and trust that all the blanks would fill in and make sense later as I practiced. So many of the facets of your presentation were well beyond my needs or understanding at this point, yet it was nice to see a map of what lies ahead as I push myself to grow both within the industry as well as on a personal level. It was fascinating to me!

I tried to put myself in your shoes and understand what it must take for you, with all your experience and drive, to reach out and communicate to such a wide variety of students. You both did an amazing job…even after a few good nights on the town!

I know I will look back one day and see that taking your workshop was one of the most important, life changing experiences in my photographic career… and for that I thank you. I also attended your one night event at Adorama which immediately inspired me to take an exciting creative risk with a brand new client…and I know they will love it!

Bob Wallace

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an outstanding workshop. It was a tremendous learning experience.

Seriously, I really appreciate that you have tendencies towards being an anal retentive perfectionist…because, although not every photographer will necessarily work with the same high demands as you, at least they know they are learning the best possible techniques from your workshop (and they can modify their own workflow as they see fit). Also, I really appreciate your technical expertise and attention to detail. Again, it instills confidence in your students because they know they’re learning the best possible information and techniques.

The other thing I really liked about the workshop is that although technical perfection can be great, it can make training and lectures boring…but your workshop wasn’t boring at all. In fact, you guys are very fun, goofy, and highly entertaining. (Did I mention the food was great, too?)

Again, thanks for putting on an awesome workshop!

Cliff Volpe

Thank you for a great four days in New York. I was so nervous about taking this workshop!…I thought I would be totally confused and left behind,but I was able to keep up and actually understand the concepts. I also met some great people whom were so nice and supportive. All in all, it was a great experience.

I also want to thank you for all of your help with pricing and questions on digital cameras I have had in the past. After the workshop I realized the system I was looking to purchase was missing the main components necessary for it to work well. One main component they left out of my quote was the external hard drives and a monitor calibrator. It’s a little scary some of the companies are selling $28,000 worth of digital equipment to a client and leaving out important equipment to run at an optimum level. So I am glad I waited to purchase anything until after the New York Workshop.

I also wanted to share with you how I found out about this workshop…I think it is kind of cool. One day I had a client who wanted magazine reprints made and I had no idea how to price them? So I Googled magazine reprints and D-65 website came up with a phone number. So without hesitation I called the number and Seth answered. He was very polite as I frantically explained I Googled magazine reprints and his # came up as a source and could he help me? He gave me the pricing parameters and I was on my way to actually being paid! After all the phone calls I looked at this web site D-65 and was in awe that I had just called a very well known accomplished photographer…by accident! So I looked over the web site and found out about the workshops. At that time I was in the middle of looking at digital backs without a clue on which one to buy. So I signed up for the workshop, used your pricing service, met new people and I have been refreshed with a new outloook on my career! Thanks to you both, you are making a difference in people’s lives and that is truly one of the best gifts in life!

So I have dedicated myself to becoming proficient at all of this new technology. I am also excited to have all these new resources to help me. And P.S. I love my new backpack…I will put it to GOOD USE!

Gwin Hunt – Annapolis, Maryland

Thank you to both of you. The four days were great and I’m looking forward to incorporating so much of this information into my workflow!!! Now I know why all of my friends have given you guys such great reviews!!

William Cole

I can’t believe that a month has passed since D-65 in Miami. Thinking back I want tell you how much I enjoyed the D-65 experience. I also want to thank you for your generous hospitality and friendship. You made it more than just another seminar. It was my pleasure to meet two people who are genuinely nice and care about each other. That does come out in the way that you interact and treat everyone around you with courtesy and respect. And your patience was AAA! I am ready for another shot of enthusiasm so please keep me informed about any refresher or new seminars that you develop and updates to The Digital Workflow Workbook.

Thomas Wojnowski

THANK YOU so much for all of your great wisdom. Not only did I enjoy the course and humor, I learned so much. Back to Dallas with a wealth of knowledge, and I mean wealth. I look forward to hanging out again.

Mark McWilliams

I’d like to take the time to thank you for your FANTASTIC workshop. I was especially impressed with Seth’s ability to translate complex technical items into easy-to-understand analogies. Your high energy and humor ensured no dull moments, and the flow of your presentation was seemless and logical. Simply amazing. Again, thank you for a truly enlightening 4 days.

Chris VenHaus

This workshop really delivers! D-65’s digital workflow is a powerful solution to the challenge of having dozens (if not thousands) of images to process on a regular basis. Throw in the fact that Seth and Jamie share their proven real-world expertise and you end up with a wealth of information ranging from understanding proper digital exposure all the way through to output. Highly recommended.

Stephen Starkman – Toronto, Canada

I just wanted to reply to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making my workflow so much better and so much more efficient… I’ve been looking forward to this class ever since I registered. I will not ever regret taking it. I talked about it all the time and will refer it even more now that I’ve graduated. You both are amazing teachers! You are very patient people especially for those of us who are just starting out new to all this. It’s all great fun to learn, but very overwhelming, hence the multitude of questions. Thanks again for your patience. I hope to see you again and impress you with how damn smart I am now that I’ve been taught by two of the best.

Carol Niles – Fortuna, CA

Seth & Jamie, let me tell you it was a real joy; your workshop was EXCELLENT, extremely interesting and a 100% necessity for the digital photographer. You are both extremely competent, kind and have a lot of patience.

Roberto Fabbri

Just wanted to thank you and Seth again for an outstanding workshop. You both did a great job of sharing your knowledge and experiences; written material very well done; and your love for the subject and desire to help us was clear. In addition, of all the courses and schools that I have ever attended, your workshop was the most enjoyable.

Carl Randolph

I’m back in Venezuela, all good. Just wanted to say that it was great to meet you and to receive all that knowledge. You guys are obviously on top of it. Awesome workshop…

I have now a completely different view or perspective of what digital photography means and the way it should be handled for good and professional work. Thank you!!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You did a great tag team and held my interest the entire time. What I learned is applicable and most valuable.

Kim Aldrin
Target Corporate Offices, Minneapolis

Simply put, you are the BEST! The way I look at workflow has completely changed. I will see you again.

Scott Durzo – Seal Beach, CA

You and Seth are a great teaching set in that you balance one another well, and your obvious interest in helping the class members comes thru loud and clear.

Gerry Davis – Monteray, CA

My workflow is far more automated than it has ever been, and I understand why I am doing the things I do. The point of this note is to offer encouragement to anyone else that initially struggles with the information provided in a D-65 seminar and to say thank you again for getting me going down the D-65 path. Having people to turn to that really understand the entire digital photography process has been extremely helpful to me. In fact, D-65 is by far and away the most enlightening thing I have experienced since my world went digital five or six years ago. I have far more knowledge and far more time to spend the way I want to than I did before attending a D-65 seminar last fall. Thank you for all of that!

Marty Snyderman

San Diego ’05 and a try-to-be daily reader of the support group emails

I wanted to tell you that I’m putting all skills to good use already. I’m getting really good at writing those actions, and rewriting them if one of my labs corrects me. Love that Action Process. Mostly I wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for recommending this awesome Mac G5 computer. It flies! I cannot imagine how long all of this would take on my G4 laptop. Thanks!! This computer has made my life great now! Also thanks for the discount list – I’m putting those to good use too – 1st off Eye One Display!

Lynn Cobb – Denver, CO

Been meaning to write both of you since completing the Denver workshop. I am now writing all my own actions, tweaking my raw’s with confidence and having better results then I’d ever imagined. Most importantly, my stock agencies are accepting my digital files!

Thanks for everything – D-65 was worth every penny.

Paul Edmundson – Denver, CO

I thank you kindly and from the bottom of my heart for all of the information. I actually dreamed about making job folders last night. I wanted to make sure that I conveyed my gratitude for your teaching services, sometimes it is a rather thankless job. However, you both definitely changed the way that I use Photoshop and all of the photography tips were so helpful as well. You are both excellent teachers with a gentle, and kind demeanor.

Angelina Galdino – Las Vegas, NV

Absolutely great workshop. I learned more in those 4 days than the last 4 years-kudos guys.

Rick Evans
Tortolla, BVI

Thanks for an incredible four days of workflow technique. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate someone sharing their knowledge so willingly, and Jamie, for your help throughout. I really had to stretch to pay for the workshop, but I am so glad I did it. Even after you factor in the cost of the course, plus the loss of work for the four days, I can honestly say that it was a tremendous value. I will highly recommend your workshop to anyone shooting digital. It truly is a must! 😀

I came to the workshop with a fairly good grasp of digital and computers, FTP, etc., but now I am definitely at a more advanced level. In particular, I finally got a good handle on actions and realized what I had been doing wrong all this time; developed an excellent understanding of CMYK conversions and profiling; secure client delivery methods, etc.

In addition, your section on making money with digital was sobering; so thanks for the slap in the face. LOL

You guys are awesome.

John Michael Flynn – Los Angeles, CA

The bad news: D-65 is kinda expensive.
The good news: You get what you pay for. The digital tsunami has already hit. Film has now become a craft choice; it is no longer the de facto standard. Not only is photography here to stay, it’s easier than ever. Digital technology has ironically liberated us from technical concerns, freeing us to simply be the “aimers and framers” we’ve always longed to be. It may prove to be the great equalizer, allowing everyone the ability to not only look like a real photographer, but to produce results just like one, too.

Or not. For now there exists the unprecedented opportunity to transcend the current widely accepted practice of delegation , to more fully become the true author of your own work. You can mix your very own personal color palette; literally invent a film to suit your needs or esthetic. Expose, process, and print. Change your mind and do it all again, differently. Reinterpret the same image tomorrow, or next year. To say nothing of tweaking, polishing, finessing, or altogether trashing it and starting from scratch, because the original, digital negative still exists, just patiently awaiting your next visit.

Or does it? Do you even know how it was shot? Processed? Stored? Backed-up? Are you sure you still even have it? Or did you deliver images to your client, then delete the files from your computer and reuse the cards in your cameras? Maybe you were prudent and backed them up onto CDs, DVDs, or tapes. Which may have since deteriorated, corrupting your files and making your images unretrievable. Even if you were belt-and-suspenders conscientious with redundant, offsite storage, consider the possibility that if your file naming was inconsistent, inaccurate, or just too idiosyncratic, those images may simply never be found. After all, they are all just ones and zeroes in computerland.

The astonishingly rapid evolution of digital photography is inundating us with new information. We’re bombarded by friends, freelancers, peers, clients, consultants, service techs, and salespeople who freely (or for a hefty fee) pass off their personal opinions and advice as fact. The truly dangerous part is that most of them don’t know what they don’t know. It’s not that they’re altogether wrong; their expertise may be perfectly valid within their particular realm of experience. But this can be problematic, because (to a far greater degree than traditional photography) success with the digital medium hinges on its critically interdependent nature. Each step in the process affects what is possible at every other step; any misstep can absolutely limit (sometimes irrevocably) those possibilities.

The wisdom of D-65 stems from its premise that Seth Resnick (unlike the dime-a-dozen “experts” doesn’t presume to know everything, but possesses a powerful need to really understand things. He absolutely understands, for example, the crucial, undeniable interdependence of the digital medium on all of its component parts and conveys this valuable knowledge very clearly and systematically to the class. Not only regarding the hardware of cameras, computers, and printers. And not just the myriad software choices: the capture, processing, editing, image manipulation, storage, and output applications. The true value of D-65 lies in its integration of all these aspects into a comprehensive whole; how they can dovetail to best facilitate top-quality, dependable, consistent results as well as successful and efficient use of the digital medium and all that it offers. It’s invaluable that Seth immerses himself in the entire process; the real world, soup-to-nuts experience of actually working through all the false starts, wrong turns, short cuts, and dead ends of the digital workflow. Further, he takes nothing for granted and relishes any opportunity to challenge conventional wisdom. He accepts no manufacturer’s specs at face value, questions every so-called “standard” challenges accepted practices, and keeps pushing until he’s satisfied. He’s nuts, but in good way.

D-65 doesn’t spew out generalized rules and settings that seem to be O.K. or are good for most stuff. Seth specifically recounts his own direct experiences of what works, what doesn’t, and why. He explains his process, shares his results, and offers his recommendations. Yet he leaves it to you to accept, reject, or assimilate the information, modifying it to suit your own creative needs, business practices, and working style as you see fit. Although his conclusions are hard-won, he remains open to other points of view, alternate approaches, or new solutions. He keeps abreast of recent developments and is aware of what’s coming down the pike (legend has it that he even has a bit of a hand in shaping the tools we may be using next month, or next year).

In a nutshell, may I offer the following humble, carefully considered assessment:


Gregory Heisler – New York, NY

I wanted to thank both of you very much for your great work, your support of TOPA, the generous discounts and more than anything else, your kindness and generosity towards us that really care about making sure we “do the right thing” to our digital files.

I have spoken to many D-65’ers that I have seen at the OR show yesterday and you would be pleased and amazed at the “intelligent” comments they now have when talking digital, especially to others that don’t know much about digital aznd who are still “misinformed”. You have made a deep and important impression on these folks…and this is exactly what this group needs. This is a great step and hopefully the beginning of something positive for this industry niche.

Sergio Ballivan – Boulder, CO

I honestly don’t know where to begin. Those 4 days were an education and an inspiration. Your enthusiasm for you work is contagious. Your patience with us was unending – especially considering that you have heard those same questions how many times? For someone just entering the field, I feel as though I received an incredible education – in just 4 days.

Josh Hackney – Minneapolis, MN

I wanted to thank you and Seth for a great workshop. I am having trouble sleeping because my brain keeps going over all the information I learned. I had a job Wednesday in Arkansas and we had a few hours before our return flight so by the time we were on the plane home all the images had been renamed with the job name and copyright metadata with job specific information inserted. Very powerful !!!

Chris Shinn – Arvada, CO

Thanks guys! I adapted and used the workflow for the first time on a shoot this week, and WOW! What a time saver. Thanks so much for all the great information.

Christine Altman – Washington DC
Photo Manager, Feld Entertainment

I just sold my horse and buggy and I’m now ready to move forward. Your workshop was overwhelming as well as incredible. I am so grateful to both of you for your work. Thank you.

I shot a job yesterday digitally and I was amazed at how much I absorbed. Your workshop has brought my career to the 21st century. I have a very long way to go — but you have started me on the path.

I am so impressed at both your talents and knowledge. And Patience.

Rob Lang

I wanted to thank both of you very much for the workshop. In retrospect, I think it was the best class I have ever taken. It seems like we crammed about a semester of higher education coursework into 4 days. Wow!
Now back to the workflow…

John Heisel – Boulder, CO

I started taking digital pictures for my portfolio in May 2004. The raw files sat on my computer waiting, not doing anything but taking up space. I took the D-65 workshop in late August and I was ready for business September 1, 2004. I haven’t slowed down to breathe yet. My business took off. And I could not have done it without the confidence and real-world skills taught to me by Seth and Jamie. I laugh about what I didn’t know before D-65. For years, I’ve taken other workshops and worked for photographers here and there, but they didn’t give me the actual skills I needed to go from taking the picture, to processing it in Photoshop, to getting it printed — a perfectly printed image in any format. If you spend one day in D-65, you will know immediately that you are about to find your way through the ever-changing digital world. Seth and Jamie teach you what works, why and how, hands-on teaching, step-by-step. And now after one workshop, I am on my way to becoming one of the best darn childrens photographers in Denver, Colorado. At least now I think it is possible. Thanks Seth and Jamie! I’ll be back for more.

Beth Riser – Littleton, CO

I don’t know where I would be professionally without having taken your class. I am on a much more accelerated pace with the organized and concise knowledge you have shared. Thanks again for a great workshop. You and Seth really have had an impact on my approach with digital photography. I feel lucky to have met you both.

Mark Kiely – North Kingstown, RI

Thanks for the great workshop. I have had a week now to work some of what I learned into my workflow. I have used C1Pro for a lot of reasons and now I have been using the browser so when CS2 comes out I will be up to speed with the browser. There was a wealth of other info that was great.

I found your workshop to be really well organized and concise with little or no wasted time. I am definitely glad I took the workshop and would recommend it. You were both fun to listen to and you communicated a great deal of information well.

David Young-Wolff – Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to both of you for hosting an incredibly info jam-packed week. I feel like I now know the secret digital processing handshake, and have the secret decoder ring. Hell, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know before. Now, I’m no longer blissfully ignorant–just ignorant–but certainly much less ignorant. I learned a bunch.

Stephen Skahn

That was a great workshop in New York, and I learned ALOT. At times I felt like my brain was exploding (in a good way)! I’m happy that, for the most part, I was able to keep up and understand/do everything you taught us…a year ago, I barely even spoke this digital language. Thank you for everything.

Claire Nitze – Miami Beach, FL

Thanks so much for all the information on digital, my head is still spinning from all the info! Just got back to Hawaii and it’s sunny as always, spoke to Brain Suda that took your class in Florida and we are going to start writing some ACTIONS together Thank you two again.

John Almarez

I want thank you both for a great workshop.I got so much from it. You both did a great job. I came away inspired and ready to give my clients better work. As you may remember I mostly work as a retoucher these days. A new and very important part of my business will be acting as the lab for various NY photographers. Your class gave me the tools to move forward with this new part of my business.

Christopher S. Gray – New York, NY

I thought the program was fantastic and look very much forward to participating in any upcoming updated offerings. Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to share the knowledge. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Bill Taufic

I attended the D-65 workshop in Seattle last September. It was an incredible, brain-saturating learning experience, as I was a digital photography virgin and unlike most of the other D-65 attendees, not a pro shooter. Since then I’ve been working hard to see if I can transform myself from a marketing communications writer into a working photographer. To that end I think I’ll be attending the D-65 workshop again in October in Portland. I also read the D-65 Bootcamp Yahoo group email digest everyday (although I’ve never contributed) and am amazed and very thankful for the great information and exchange of ideas. Thanks for your unfailing dedication to this forum.

Wayne A. Feig

Thank you for an exceptional workshop. I found it very refreshing that you were more than willing to share your expertise. Too often, I have found professionals worried about “protecting” their knowledge. Thank you again for designing such a hands-on, informative workshop. I hope to see you in New Orleans again!

Zarouhie Abdalia – New Orleans, LA

Thanks to you both for a great workshop. You pour your heart and soul into it and work hard to keep current on technology, trends and business practices. I appreciate it greatly.

Jamey Stillings – Santa Fe, NM

Thanks so much for an unbelievable workshop. Boy, did I learn alot. It was totally awesome.

Jed Best – New York, NY

Wanted to say thanx for a kick ass course……… your class was great! I’ve told a ton of folks about it and everyone is jealous. David Young-Wolff and I talked yesterday about what we got out of the course and we were pretty jazzed. We talked about so many things. ..And it helped me rethink a lot of what I teach and how I present materials. You focused in on the right stuff and explained it all perfectly…….and that book is unreal! That’s the best workshop book that God ever created!!!!! Good job guys!!!!!

Scott Stulberg happy customer

A belated thank you for the wonderful workshop in New Orleans. My head was spinning with all I learned, maybe a little spinning was due from Bourban Street as well. I never realized how little I knew about using Camera Raw until the lessons I gained from you two.

Larry Smith

Last Monday I got back from attending a D-65 Digital workflow workshop given by Seth Resnick. It was very enlightening and will pay for itself many times over in the future through knowledge gained and time saved. He is on the cutting edge of digital technology and software. He is an unpaid research and development advisor for Adobe, and has a good working relationship with several other big companies in the industry. He and his partner in crime, Jamie Spritzer, are an amazing resource, that are extremely generous with their expertise, knowledge, and experience. I would HIGHLY recommend his workshop for anyone shooting digital. I was shooting digitally, but was confused on best way to organize and process my images. I had questions on process and products and wanted some help. I knew there had to be a better way then the way I was doing it, and I am generally pretty organized and good about setting up systems. Here are just a few things that you will leave with if you attend a workshop:

  • You will understand why digital is better than film (if you expose and develop it properly).
  • Always shoot raw! -Do you have the latest Camera Raw Update from Adobe? Do you have Adobe’s DNG Converter? DNG will most probably be the first uniform format for digital cameras.
  • Most of the information of a digital file is in the “light” region of your image. So, in general, you want to shoot slightly over exposed and in camera raw develop to adjust for exposure. Different colors require different exposure to maximize color. You may find you have to slightly underexpose to get the saturation of a purple or red this is one of the conflicts of digital.
  • You will understand and see why every image needs to be sharpened, but that there are better ways than photoshop’s “unsharp mask.”
  • You will learn to really maximize and use Camera Raw, how to set-up you computer as a “processing lab” and write actions to automate images for a variety of uses as your needs dictate.
  • You will understand and learn how to make meta data work for you and the filing of your images, and ensure that every image you take can be traced to you down to the pixel, as well as give you a basis for a naming convention that will work for you. -a word to the wise that anyone with illegal copies of Photoshop CS, and photographers apparently are the worst offenders, needs to be legal by the beginning of the year since the same technology that allows you to track your images can also track the copy of photoshop used.
  • You will learn how to get images ready for press and soft proof with gamut testing.
  • You get to be a member for the d-65 yahoo group, so expertise from other photographers and Seth are just clicks away.

I could go on and on. I had written actions before and new something about digital imaging, but this went beyond both in technical skills and knowledge/understanding. Some things were review, but most was new to me. The workflow was key. I was really excited about what I learned and wanted to share it with the photographers I knew.

Kate Karwan Burgess – Portland, OR I can’t tell you how glad I am that I took the workshop down in Savannah. It really gave me a good kick in the ass (not that I’m into that sort of thing) but seriously I feel that I now have the basics to put me in the right direction as a “digital” photographer. You and Seth make a great team. Thanks for making the week so special with your generosity and patience plus all the great stories.

Scott Shigley – Chicago, IL

Dear Seth & Jamie: Thanks a million!!!!! I recently got a call from a Philadelphia based worldwide pharmaceutical company who had seen my website and was interested in working with me. They asked me to bring in my portfolio. Ha. Since creating my website, I haven’t needed a portfolio and don’t really have one. Enter D-65!!!! Thanks to you, I was able to make a few title pages, easily put together a PDF presentation, walk in with my laptop and wow them. Such a simple thing and they were most impressed with the presentation…..thought it was just the coolest. They are creating a new team of photographers to work with on a regular basis so this could mean big $$ for me, which would help pay for my new Mark II and transition to all Canon gear. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Come back to Philly soon!

Barbara Proud – Philadelphia

The Workshop was so well done! You guys obviously have worked hard to pack it full with valuable information, very intense, yet well paced. The coffee was always excellent, along with the baked goods; after years of attending photo related events it was refreshing to have plenty of bottled water, fresh fruit, and tasty sweets when you need them! It made “living together” for the week all the more enjoyable, and a highly recommendable experience. Thanks again guys, you outdid yourselves.

Jed Share – Seattle, WA

Wanted to say thanks again for the workshop. As you said, it was perfect for me.

Nate Abbott – Telluride, CO

I was just sitting here at my desk at work processing a big batch of files with a modified d65 Action thinking to myself how the two of you have changed the way I work and how much fun I had at the Seattle workshop.The d65 work flow has streamlined everything I do and there is a significant improvement in the quality of the files that result.

Bob Bain – San Jose, CA

Thanks again for a great workshop. You and Seth and opened my eyes to a whole new, better workflow for me. I’m already busy making actions and both saving time and providing better service to my clients.

Chijo Takeda – Seattle, WA

Now that the dust has settled – and I have my desktop computer set up, I wanted to say that this was the BEST workshop I have ever taken. Trust me, I’ve taken quite a few. You guys are really wonderful and the information you provide is so, so valuable. Stuart said it would be good but I think it’s a turning point in our business. I’m telling everyone in digital work to get going and sign up for one of your upcoming workshops.

Michele Westmorland – Seattle, WA

Thank you thank you for a great time in the Seattle area! I learned tons and feel…..well…. empowered to continue learning all about this digital shiznit (in the words of our friend snoop dogg) For real though it was a real treat!!

Austin Goodman – Moscow, ID

The workshop was one of the best I’ve ever been to. I knew I really needed the information that was presented and you presented it in a very straight-forward, easy to understand and fun manner. Jamie and Seth are the most patient, and good humored instructors you could hope for. You seemed so concerned that we get the info and you presented it so clearly.

David Kennedy – St. Louis, MO

Wow! was that fun and educational….. Youse twos are the best. Now I’ve got to get all this new info lined up in the very small hard drive of my ancient mind. It was quite an adventure and EXACTLY what I needed. D65 should be required for all digital photogs.

Les Wollman – Dallas First I want to thank you and Seth for presenting a stellar workshop. The info that I received has inspired me to take my career to the next level. I will definitely be taking it again in the future and will also recommend it to every photographer that I know.

Matt Mrozak – Dallas I was going to write anyway to thank you and seth for a terrific week. as you know, i was fully scheduled for the week and originally cancelled enough to make room for the 2 days on color management. i realized after the first morning that it was valuable enough to cancel everything and spend the week with you. it was well worthwhile. workflow is such a major issue. one of the most valuable parts of the week was learning how to write actions. it’s something i’ve always struggled with, and now i know why (and, hopefully, how). i now understand why things have been so time consuming, and it all makes sense. i’ve ordered a new computer, the eye one and will get image print. i’m excited to put it all together and hopefully be able to print wysiwyg. i highly recommend your workshop, and would definitely take an advanced one, or simply another one. you are terrific teachers, generous with your knowlege and well prepared. thank you for an informative week that exceeded my expectations, you were great.

Joanne Benning – Philadelphia

Rarely in life do you get more than you pay for. The D-65 workshop was spectacular!!!! Since I have only been working with digital for 4 short months, I worried this would be above my head but Jamie and Seth have the magical ability to take complex material and make it so easy to understand.

I shot my first all digital job the next day after the seminar! The client thinks I am an expert wow!

I was burnt out from years of commercial/film photography but I feel reborn photographically now that I use digital. I love it! Also the control is out of this world

I don’t have to spend the rest of my life at the computer, with actions I can fly through workflow.

To learn about Image Print was alone worth the entire cost of the class.

I will tell every photographer and designer I see about this remarkable class. No one has the gift of explaining this digital info like you 2. I loved every lecture I would do it again in a heart beat!!!

Thank you for your remarkable commitment to excellence. You are a great team.

Judy Olausen – Minneapolis

I wanted to thank you again for the great program you and Jamie put on for us. I have regained the passion I had long ago, and after showing an old client some of my new images yesterday, he said he saw a new vibrance in my work. He had never seen the things I now see, and was very impressed. I had a shoot the monday after the seminar, and am trying my best to convert the client to the digital way of thinking, and have a ton of images to show them.

Gary Geiger – Orlando, Fl

I can’t tell you how much the 1Ds & D-65 Denver Workshop Seth Jamie DCIM experience was such perfect timing for where I am in life at this moment. I have dreamed of the day when I could shoot with a 35mm body and not my 4×5.After the workshop I had to finish a job shooting seven banks is Colorado with my 4×5 and your one week made the experience seem so foreign and almost like a wake.

Paul Brokering – Denver, CO

Thanks Seth and Jamie, for a great workshop in Miami Beach. I learned a huge amount and within days was applying your digital workflow strategies. Actions, naming conventions, Camera Raw, and so much more. Thanks for laying it all out in a clear and usable way. I came away from the workshop with new energy and enthusiasm for digital.

Rob Crandall – Arlington, VA

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks again for all the info. you presented in D-65; I am busy implementing and customizing my new actions… incredibly useful and time saving.

Corey Hendrickson- Jackson, Wyoming

Dear Seth and Jamie, I have been shark diving all over the world and never enjoyed so many large encounters with big sharks!!! Had to share a few pics with you. I shot the whole thing with digital on my Canon 10D and thanks to your workflow class had all the images captioned, edited and processed before leaving the boat.

Stuart Westmorland- Seattle

Dear Seth and Jamie, Just wanted to say “thanks” for an incredibly valuable week at the Denver workshop. I can still scarcely believe how far my understanding progressed in those six short days (not that they always felt short at the time!). It all flowed logically and kept moving briskly, while at the same time providing plenty of repetition and reinforcement of the key workflow patterns. Really, really well done. In six days I learned what it would have taken me years to puzzle out by reading and trial and error — and even then, I wouldn’t have been sure I had found the best methods. Bob March- Colorado

Dear Seth and Jamie, I really suffered from information overload during the workshop, but I expect the real learning will come when I finally get my Mark II and start for real. Meanwhile I am working on some of the concepts with the files I already have. I am truly a beginner and have a lot of work to do. Thanks for all your hard work and professional approach to the training. I think what you guys have put together is great.

Susan Schermer- Miami Beach, Florida

Seth and Jamie, I thank you for a terrific week in New Orleans. It is quite rare to see someone of your great talents able to slow down and take the time to actually teach and make sure that everyone gets it – not always an easy thing to do, but you do it very well. I hope you continue to do what you do all the way around for a long time to come – the photo world is a much better place because of all your efforts.

Tim Ernst- Arkansas

Dear Seth and Jamie, Now that I am back in Milano and the impressions of our workshop are becoming memories, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful week I had with you in NYC.I have learned a lot, yet more important I have a MUCH better understanding about digital photography.Thank you again, and if there is anything I can do for you from Italy… please let me know!Ciao TIIMMY

Martin Timmy True- Milan, Italy

I’d like to try to put into words what an enormous experience it is for any photographer- at this strange juncture between the end of the world of film as we have known it and the REAL NEW WORLD OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY. I learned so much I’ll be absorbing it for years to come. I give a rave review to the workshop and to Seth and Jamie for what you’ve created here. D-65 was the best, the greatest course I have ever taken in any subject. And I’ve had A LOT of schooling.

Pat Miller, Long Island, NY

Dear Seth and Jamie, I just want to say that I have learned so much from your workshop and it has given me confidence to continue down the digital path and not look back.I know i asked a lot of questions and i thank you for answering everyone of them.I took the course twice and what didn’t sink in the first time made sense the second time. I was even able to help others in the class who were stuck.

Michael Mowery, New York

The experience is this, you meet an incredible array of photographers from all walks of the industry. Great people, and then there’s the guy with the energy level that will make you step back and say I’ve got to be more like that. Seth introduces workflow, pricing strategies, new digital equipment, software, how to present your work and market. You don’t just sit, you have assignments, you are forced to go and produce, something that is not of the norm. You will learn not to put the camera down, there is always an image to be had,you just have to learn to look at things again. When I returned home I purchased Canon equipment. Seth had demonstrated that it produces files that could and would be accepted from my client base. I haven’t put the Canon down in months. My book is a mixture of personal and fun images. Clients sense the energy when they see the work that you do for yourself. I truly feel that personal work lands accounts. As for my web site, brand new in a week or so with over 150 new images since my first seminar last year. Art Director friends have previewed it and I am convinced that it will be the best sales tool I can have. Another Seth piece of advice, use your Web site to sell . Hit a workshop, have some fun, be prepared to work and best yet produce images you’ll be proud of. Thanks Seth

Keith Berr- Ohio

The workshop in New York City was an incredible learning experience. Seth’s extraordinary and comprehensive knowledge of digital photography, computer technology and Photoshop and his ability to impart this knowledge to us in a manner which enables us to incorporate this into our own digital workflow is a very powerful, almost magical experience. Mystery and confusion about shooting raw are replaced by Photoshop actions and the ability to capture the highest quality digital images required for any type of output. Jamie’s uncanny ability to solve all problems arising among the participants and her ability to keep the workshop (and Seth) on track was impressive. The enthusiasm of the presentation, along with Seth and Jamie’s playful humor, kept everyone going throughout the week. I have never learned more in one week than I have at the D-65 workshop. Truly amazing! I’ll be back.

Lee Taplinger- New York, New York

Thank you very much for the workshop and the experience of the awesome utility of Photoshop CS, I really enjoyed being around all of the creative energy and enthusiasm that both of you exude whilst conducting your workshop. My desire to shoot frames again has been reinvigorated.Thank you also for sending along the D-65 discount coupons. You guys are awesome. I look forward to seeing both of you again soon. Digital is still king!!!…………..Grasshoppahs

Kevin Burke- Boston

I loved the workshop & am seriously considering buying a Canon 1Ds and selling all my other Nikon N90s system asap. Many thanks to both you & Seth!

Marge Ely- Dallas

I had a wonderful week with the group and look forward to reinventing my business in the digital world.

Ed Shenkman- Durham, NC

Thank you for everything!!!!! I am really happy with the workshop, it is saving me a lot of time now. I even went ahead and purchased the 1Ds, I am confident that I will easily recover my investment soon thanks to the way I am processing the images right now. Thanks again!!!

Juan Vasquez -Miami

I just wanted to take a minute to say that i am very happy with the result of the D-65 class. I am very grateful that i was able to attend. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people and hate to see us part. It has defiantly been an experience for me that hopeful I won’t forget it HAHA (referring to photoshop) but no it has been a pleasure to meet all of you and i hope that we can continue to keep in touch. I just wanted to give a special thanks to Jamie (Sister Spritzer) and Seth the (brainiak) and to all of those people that took the time to help me out when i needed it. I look forward to the the advanced class and hope to see you guys soon. If any one need some help and i can help try to answer your questions feel free to call me or email me. Again thank you everyone for a great experience and keep on shooting.

Alexander Espriella- Miami

Hey did I tell you and Seth how great the week was in Miami? No? Well it was great! I shot 2 new jobs this week and ran the workflow – its scary it is so cool and almost becoming habit! Need to shoot every day though for the next couple of weeks! Months? Okay I am thinking of going Canon! Can you advise a basic set up? I am thinking the following: Canon EOS 1D or Canon EOS 1Ds 24-70 f 2.8L USM 70-200 f2.8L IS USM Extender 1.4 x or 2.0 x Speedlights – 540?

Scott Tucker – Bermuda

LA, was GREAT! Thanks for all the remedial attention. I’m happy to report that I have written several actions, and they work – mostly. Thanks again for your help! Possible titles for new workshop: The obvious: Seth – the Sequel Homage to the land of Saki: Seth vs. Bytezilla Cinematic flavor: Scary Seth 3.

Chris Marona – Denver

I don’t know what to say, except, thanks a ton, and when is the next workshop!!! I am still in shock at the amount of info we absorbed, and how the grey areas in my photography have just melted away… I’m excited, and renewed! There is no doubt in my mind that my business is going to quadruple this year, and that I will be able to shoot 100% digital, instead of 96%. Hope all is well- wish that I was in NYC too, but I think that my brain is maxed for a few weeks- Cheers! Beth

Beth Lockhart – Salt Lake City

What a great week. You really helped in putting “this digital thing” together for me. A true digital believer now.

Alan Detrick – Glen Rock, NJ

I want to thank you for putting on such a great and informative workshop. With all of the disinformation swirling around our heads when we are looking for concise answers in digital photography it is calming to learn from a master like Seth who has been there, done that and above all knows the answer we are seeking. Seth you are a great teacher, Keep it Up! Jamie, you are the glue that ties the whole group together. Even though, I had just purchased a new digital camera, I still had my reservations about going fully digital, after Seth’s class I am happy to say those reservations have now disappeared and now I look at all of the new opportunities digital affords me.

Jeff Moore – Westport, CT

The D-65 Workshop in NYC was terrific. I would even do it again once I’ve had some time to put the things that I learned last week into practice Then, I could refine what I learned at a next round of the workshop. You and Seth really did a terrific job.I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in digital.

Frank Gregorek – San Diego, CA

The D-65 Workshop in NYC was EXCELLENT! It exceeded my expectations. The lighting demonstration alone was worth the trip and price of admission. I have attended other workshops in filmaking and as a lawyer. I’d say this workshop was one of the best. It was well thought out, well organized, and well run. Seth is highly competent to lead this workshop. His skills in photography and digital photography augmented by his experience and knowledge– not just of photography, but of the business, personal relationships, legal and other non-photographic aspects make him suberb for the job. His articulation, sense of humor and seemingly endless energy make him a very interesting and entertaining speaker .

Bud Cooper – Atlantic Beach, NC

Jamie, Good morning and thank you for a wonderful workshop and the most exciting time I’ve had in recent months. Stimulating, enthusiastic, exhilarating and Wow! come to mind when I reflect on the past week. Simply outstanding!!!!

Bob GlickSmith – Lewisville, TX

“I just wanted to thank you again, you two rock! I have some great news, I’m moving to NYC in September! You have no idea how much of an impact the trip to NYC made on me.”

Shannon Roddy – Cape Cod, MA

Keep me posted on future workshops! The D-65 workshop in NYC was the best I have ever been on. It was an amazing week!

Scott Tucker – Paget, Bermuda

The D-65 workshop in NYC did more than get me up to speed to be a photographer in the digital world, it charged me up creatively and inspired me to move forward with my business.

Richard Freeda – Stamford, CT

The NYC Workshop was awesome….every ounce of info was invaluable and it was an honor to be involved in such an event with the two of you. D-65 is a brilliant concept and one desperately needed in our industry. I would like to once again extend my heartfelt thanks.

Michael Brian – NY, NY I had a great time in Sedona. I really came back with much more than I could have hoped for. Thanks for all your patience and thanks to all of you for your support and quick 15 min lesson on the D-30. Please extend a special thanks to Seth and Jay. Like I said it was more than I could have hoped for…you all certainly push my creativity potential!

Linda Ruggiero – Shelton, CT

The Key West Digital Photography workshop was a terrific success for me. As a result of my participation in the workshop I feel creatively inspired, and I have a greater appreciation for the artistic benefits of digital photography. Having no practical experience with digital prior to Key West, I viewed the workshop as a crash course in digital capture and workflow process. The curriculum and presentation of the workshop enabled me to come away with an enhanced understanding of the benefits of digital to my photography, and my business. The workshop was well executed, the instructors were incredibly accessible and tolerant of the small but diverse class of working photographers, and the locations were both creatively challenging, and visually abundant. Thanks to D65 and the Key West Workshop I am an unwavering advocate for the practical benefits of digital photography, and the creative possibilities that it provides to all photographers.

Kevin Burke – Boston, MA

The D-65 workshop that I attended in Key West & The Everglades was not only one of the most educational experiences I’ve had, but also inspired a deeper level of creativity in my photography. Seth Resnick in one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met…he seems to know the answer to any questions you could possibly think to ask. It was great to have a chance to shoot with him and see how he interpreted the various situations we found ourselves in. The workshop dealt with virtually all aspects of photography, including the benefits of digital capture vs. film, various business related issues such as negotiation, contracts, etc…and we even touched on the web and how the Internet has allowed photographers a new medium through which to make contacts, get clients, and be seen by a wider audience than ever before. A week with Seth seemed more like a month, seeing as how we didn’t stop learning and growing as photographers. I can honestly say that having decided to take this workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I know that anyone who takes a workshop with Seth with come away with more than they had ever anticipated!

Micah Diamond – NY, NY

Awesome is the best way to describe the D-65 Key West Workshop.As a photographers assistant deciding whether or not to make the leap to shooting, taking the workshop was one of the best things I could have done.Seth and Jamie structured the whole week as a real world magazine assignment, with certain goals for shooting. After completing the assignment and listening to all the constructive criticism, as well as the lectures Seth gave, the workshop has really given me the confidence to go out and get my own clients.I couldn’t be more happy with everything I have learned from the D-65 Key West Workshop.

Asher Brown – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Seth & Jamie

Thank you for all of your help and guidance for the D-65 Digital seminar in Key West. I was amazed at how open Seth was in sharing his knowledge and experience. I would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone going digital, or has recently gone digital.

Thanks again

Erik J. Mysliwy – Boston, MA

In life there are very few opportunities to learn the right way to proceed on a given matter.
In the photography business what is the right way?
Seth’s way.
Seth Resnick’s photography workshop teaches the many different skills needed to run your business successfully for the long term. But more important is Seth?s example of the energy and dedication needed to compete in the freelance world.Quentin Hunstad – Vail, CO

You guys were totally awesome! You Both lived up to every bit of what you said the workshop would be about. I think I am gonna become a D-65 “groupie” LOL

Melanie Meterazzi – Miami Beach, FL

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