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An out-of-control digital workflow can be pretty scary. Good thing that inconsistent results, lost files, frustratingly unproductive hours at the screen, and embarrassing re-dos when submitting for publication can become a thing of the past after a mere four days spent with Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer.

Because the D-65 workshop starts with the fundamentals and then touches on advanced topics, such as creating actions in Lightroom for smooth and consistent file processing and the ins and outs of copyright and security issues, this class can benefit any level of digital photographer.


(By American Photo Staff Posted December 16, 2008)

Thanks again for a great workshop. You are not only knowledgeable technically but are great teachers. I marvel at your patience, experience, and understanding in teaching students who have such differences in experience with the program and with their work in general.

Charlotte Temple

January 2018 Workshop

D-65 IS THE KEY THAT CAN HELP MAKE IT ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR YOU. There is nothing like it, not even close. It's practical and pithy. It's hands-on. It's lively, engaging, and moves right along. I learned a ton, right from the start. Other aspects are finally kicking in, months later, as I encounter them in my work. Hiring a digital tech to show you the ropes (or merely the rope they've been using) for a week will likely cost you more but definitely net you far less. Consider what you spend on your equipment, software, labor, and materials. Carefully consider the value of your own precious time. YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO TAKE THE D-65 WORKSHOP. IT'S A BARGAIN.

Gregory Heisler

If photography is your passion, whether you are a professional or an amateur, the D-65 workshop is an essential step to making you a better photographer. 

The extensive depth of Seth and Jamie's knowledge, willingness to generously share this information, explain and demonstrate the workflow, concepts and techniques, is truly remarkable. As though that weren't enough, they make it fun! 

You will walk away from this workshop having taken your photography to a whole new level; to a place you've never been before. 

We are truly very fortunate to have these two professionals share their valuable knowledge and experience with us. 

Nancy Leigh, New York

Director of RR Donnelley

D65 Lightroom Classic Workshop

Lightroom Classic Workshops

D65 has been the leader in workflow training since 2002. Our workshops teach photographers to manage and optimize their images with a detailed, yet easy to follow, and effortless workflow. Our LIGHTROOM 4-day Workshops are limited to 8 people, allowing focus on each participants individual workflow needs. The workshops are hands-on, intense and lots of fun!

Virtual Lightroom Tech Support

Our online one-on-one, tech support via screen sharing will solve all of your Lightroom problems. Can’t find your images? Want to migrate from Aperture to LR? Need help integrating the Creative Cloud into your workflow? Whether it is a few questions or major issues we have the answer. We take control of your computer or you can drive, and we will work with you on any topic of your choice. Rates are hourly ($150), and we can work with you for an hour or two, and even setup monthly, bi-monthly or weekly sessions.

Interactive Webinars

Train without traveling! Join us for an interactive, online learning experience. D65 is using state of the art technology with our proven learning methodology in these interactive online classes. The classes are kept small, limited to 20 participants, enabling all to ask questions and fully comprehend the material. The D-65 webinars are taught by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer, two seasoned professionals with over 30 years of experience advocating creativity. Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining. Join one today!

Consulting Services

Some folks learn better with one-on-one training, and others simply don’t have the time to spend for our 4 day workshop. D65 will customize an in depth workshop, from one day to as many days as you desire, designed to meet your goals and perfect your skills. These customized programs are perfect for individuals, small groups, agencies and corporations. Recent consults have included workflow, printing, portfolio building and creativity. Take the stress off your back and have D-65 price your stock sale or assignment. We provide the necessities for a competitive price with our Pricing Service.

Digital Photo Destinations Workshops

Digital Photo Destinations Workshops – Not a photo tour – A true photography workshop.

John Paul Caponigro and I take folks to exotic places around the globe that most only dream about but rarely experience.

These are life-changing experiences. Our photography workshops offer seminars, demonstrations, reviews, special pre/post voyage webinars, and lots of one-on-one attention.

You’ll benefit tremendously from our guidance. We’ll help you take your photography to the next level.

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What’s New in Lightroom 5

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Mission Statement

No one ever accused a creative mind of being organized. The two don't usually go hand in hand. But when you're a photographer, being organized is invaluable. And if your're shooting digitally, it's crucial. D-65 is a unique company dedicated to educating photographers. We work with the industry to offer new ways of thinking, while incorporating the latest technologies. Our services include digital workflow workshops, webinars, one-on-one training and tech support, and consulting for photographers, studios, agencies, and corporate art departments. D-65 provides quality professionalism, while understanding the needs of photographers and creative individuals.

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