Palm Beach Gardens Lightroom 5 Workshop
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Lightroom 6 Workshops
Palm Beach Gardens Sept 27-30, 2016
7 spots
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Palm Beach Gardens 2013
Digital Workflow, Not "Workslow "
Lightroom 5 Workshop
October 8-11, 2013 (Tuesday - Friday)
* class runs from 9:00 am -5:30pm daily
* The course fee covers your participation in the workshop. It does not include travel, lodging, transportation, or meal expenses.
Equipment Requirement:
  •  Digital Camera that Shoots Raw
  •  Laptop (We suggest a MAC - PC's are ok too)
  •  Compact Flash Card
  •  Card Reader
  •  External Hard Drive (we suggest two)
  •  Lightroom 5
  •  Photoshop CS6 suggested
Workshop Location

1143 Vintner Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33410
Meals will be at your own expense.
Your Instructors
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Class room
Workshop Agenda
A full agenda is sent to participants prior to the workshop
Cancellation Policy
Your deposit of $250 guarantees your registration, and can be charged to your credit card or paid by check when you submit the registration form. Should you need to cancel, you must do so no less than 30 days prior to the course date and you will receive a refund less a $100 handling fee. There is a 50% refund if you cancel from 29-15 days prior to the course. There is no refund if you cancel less than 14 days prior to your course. If we need to cancel a workshop you will be given a 30 day notice and receive a full refund of all payments.
If you would like to transfer to different dates for the same course, we would be happy to accommodate your request on a space-available basis. If you transfer more than 30 days prior to your originally scheduled course, the fee will be $50.
For more information please call Jamie Spritzer at 561.249.6676 or email
The wisdom of D-65 stems from its premise that Seth Resnick (unlike the dime-a-dozen "experts" doesn't presume to know everything, but possesses a powerful need to really understand things. He absolutely understands, for example, the crucial, undeniable interdependence of the digital medium on all of its component parts and conveys this valuable knowledge very clearly and systematically to the class. Not only regarding the hardware of cameras, computers, and printers. And not just the myriad software choices: the capture, processing, editing, image manipulation, storage, and output applications. The true value of D-65 lies in its integration of all these aspects into a comprehensive whole; how they can dovetail to best facilitate top-quality, dependable, consistent results as well as successful and efficient use of the digital medium and all that it offers. It's invaluable that Seth immerses himself in the entire process; the real world, soup-to-nuts experience of actually working through all the false starts, wrong turns, short cuts, and dead ends of the digital workflow. Further, he takes nothing for granted and relishes any opportunity to challenge conventional wisdom. He accepts no manufacturer's specs at face value, questions every so-called "standard" challenges accepted practices, and keeps pushing until he's satisfied. He's nuts, but in good way.

D-65 doesn't spew out generalized rules and settings that seem to be O.K. or are good for most stuff. Seth specifically recounts his own direct experiences of what works, what doesn't, and why. He explains his process, shares his results, and offers his recommendations. Yet he leaves it to you to accept, reject, or assimilate the information, modifying it to suit your own creative needs, business practices, and working style as you see fit. Although his conclusions are hard-won, he remains open to other points of view, alternate approaches, or new solutions. He keeps abreast of recent developments and is aware of what's coming down the pike (legend has it that he even has a bit of a hand in shaping the tools we may be using next month, or next year).
- Gregory Heisler (Past Workshop Attendee)
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