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Lightroom Classic Workshop
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January 30 - Feb 2, 2018
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June 8-June 17th,2018
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January 29-Feb 7 2020
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  What participants had to say

Hi Jamie,
That was a great Webinar! wow.
When the two of you work together it's like magic.

Many, many thanks

Ed DeRosis
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar the other night in LA on demystifying digital photography. You truely have a passion for your photography and a fine gift to help others. The excitement in your voice and your sense of humor became infectious throughout the room. It is such a pleasure to know that there are extremely talented photographers out there that love what they do so much, so their are inspired to share their knowledge with us all. Keep up your mission to serve and help others because this is a blessed gift that you have been given for a very powerful reason. I will try my best to save up enough money this year to be able to take one of your workshops. Thanks again for all your great suggestions about using digital files and the process of digital capture.

Stephen Allard - Los Angeles
Just attended a seminar at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia that Seth taught. Found it to be extremely informative...and not boring. Thanks!!

Lisa Hause - Philadelphia
I wanted to thank you for the recent Portland seminar that you put on; it helped to answer much of the missing steps in my RAW processing. I then downloaded your workflow PDF and was able to go through the steps and process my own set of raw files quickly and easily. The future result should save me enormous amounts of time and energy compared to my old "workslow" method.

Jeff Miller - Portland
This past weekend we had 6 people from my studio attend the PEI live in Dallas. What perfect timing to have that come here to Dallas!. Of course Seth rocked in his presentation- I really enjoyed the images he shared and his story--I really had no idea that his soul ran so deep!! ... totally bumped up my respect for him to now like 150%. He is such a photographer's photographer! We have been able to apply so much of what he shared from the D-65 workshop into our workflow. Today Marge shot stillifes for an annual report all day and I shoot a national advertising campaign of graphics and billboards. My job was bid out for film. Literally, yesterday for the job test, I shot both with film and digital. After seeing both, the Client elected to shoot the whole project digital. With both of us shooting digital all day, we quickly realized the importance back up and additional memory! All for now.

Michele Vaughn - Dallas, TX
I really enjoyed the presentation last night in Atlanta. Thank You very much.

Anne Ledbetter - Atlanta
I was in the crowd at your St. Louis ASMP seminar Saturday, (moved to the front row so I could hear better!) Just wanted to say thanks for making the stop in St. Louis. I learned a great deal. After working for nearly 30 years on various newspaper staffs, I'm in St. Louis striking out as a freelancer. I've been digital for several years, but only lower rez for the newspaper market. Man, making the transition has been quite hard. What I need is a mentor to help me avoid some of my mistakes and focus my efforts better. Your presentation helped in that regard. Wish I had one more day to get into marketing,in more depth! Anyway, thanks much! Cheers,

David Kennedy - St. Louis, MO
I just wanted to write and thank you formally for the excellent presentation you gave for the Graphic Artists Guild in Boston. I enjoyed it immensely. We got wonderful feedback from the participants. Of the 27 evaluations, 24 gave you the highest rating (the other 3 rated you "above average".) I have attached the summary of their evaluations. Take care in the meanwhile, and thank you again. Rose Lowry Graphic Artists Guild Website Committee Chair Boston Chapter President

Rose Lowry - Boston, Ma
I want to thank you for an extrordinary day. I hope I can digest all that you presented. I thought I had a simple, easy to navigate site. Now I learn that the potential of my site is vastly underutilized and optimized. Thanks, I think. Now I have to figure out where to begin. I wish that I had had a mentor like you to show me the ropes when I was assisting full time. People like yourself are few and far between unfortunately. I look forward to attending more of your valuable seminars. Many regards,

David Wanderman - New York, NY
Thanks for the seminar yesterday. It was very good: full of practical information and very clear. I also like a lot your actitude towards clients: respects toward them and towards you. Thanks again.

Lourdes Delgado - New York
Just wanted to drop you a note and say what a great job you did the other night at Mass Art.You're definitely what, we as artists, should all strive to be: a perfect combination of talent, creativity, and business awareness. I particularly enjoyed your real-world examples of your vast experience. Thank you!

Anthony Macbain - Boston, Ma
Dear Jamie & Seth,
Once again you have exceeded my expectations with another fantastic D-65 production. The NYC Seminar on Sept. 12th was exactly what I needed before my next website update. My only regret is that I didn?t sign up for the digital workflow workshop before it sold out! You?re a great team and I respect what you?re doing to educate professional photographers who want to keep ahead. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shannon Roddy - New York, NY
I just attended your "Taking Digital to the Field" seminar in Charlotte. I LOVED it! Probably the best I've ever been to. I didn't want it to end! So, thank you. In addition to all the great digital info, seeing your wonderful photojournalistic work was very inspiring, indeed

Sara Woodmansee, Digital Artist and Photo Editor - Charlotte, North Carolina
Seth, Thank you for a great lesson. I attended your seminar in Charlotte, NC today and heard what I had hope to hear, the benefits of digital. Your presentation was wonderful and I can't wait to take a week long class in the spring, if offered.

Steven R. Phillips - Charlotte, North Carolina
I wanted to let you know that I flew from DFW to Phoenix to take your seminar on digital imaging. I've taken DIFP, yours, and then the Nikon Advanced Digital (I think I mentioned to you that I'd be taking it). Anyway, yours was by far the best, most targeted and well thought out of the seminars I've taken. I appreciate your hard work and your well thoughtout seminar.

John Fulton - Fort Worth
My husband and I are seasoned photographers and after attending Photo Expo I just wanted to say that I always learn from taking a seminar from Seth. Your business practices are admirable. If only 1 new piece of information is gathered (usually I have a notebook full) then it is well worth the time and $$ to attend.

Westmorland Photography
I attended the seminar regarding Improving your photography business traditionally and via the internet at Photo Expo. My partner and I were sitting with one of our photographers today talking about what we learned from this past week, etc etc, and I can't count how many times I referred to some bit of information I walked away from that seminar with. I attended four seminars in total and thought that by far yours was the best. Just wanted to thank you.

Brett Sahler
I enjoyed your seminar on Saturday morning at the Javits center. It is good to hear you experience in the digital world and I like the way you run an open seminar with questions going all the time. I got a lot out of the seminar. Thanks!

Onne van der Wal
Please contact D-65 directly via email at seminars@d-65.com or call (561) 249-6676