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Lightroom 5 Workflow Workshops
New York City May 1-4, 2014
Palm Beach Gardens June 24-27, 2014
Chicago July 8-11, 2014
Los Angeles Sept 18-21, 2014
Creative Workshops Schedule
Seth Resnick & John Paul Caponigro
Creating Killer Images, Santa Fe
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July 27- August 1, 2014
October 31 - November 11 2014
November 11 - November 23, 2014 , email namibia@sethresnick.com to join
Speaking Engagements & Exhibits Schedule
160,000 Miles of Color- Exhibit- online

160,000 Miles of Color- Exhibit- TBA

Seeing Color: Creating Dynamic Images TBA

Seeing Color: Creating Dynamic Images TBA

Level 1 Intro to Adobe Lightroom Workshop April 27th

D65's Lightroom 5
D65's Lightroom Workbook: What's New in Lightroom 5
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D65's Lightroom 4
D65's Lightroom Workbook: Workflow, Not Workslow in Lightroom 4
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Seth Resnick and X-Rite ColorChecker Passport - Behind the Scenes
Seth Resnick Loweprofessional Video Profile
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Train without traveling! Join us for a new, live online learning experience. D65 is using state of the art technology with our proven learning methodology in these interactive online classes. The classes are kept small, enabling all participants to ask questions and fully comprehend the material. The D-65 webinars are taught by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer, two seasoned professionals with over 30 years of experience advocating creativity. Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining.
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Available Webinars
  • What's New in Lightroom 5
    Learn about some of the cool, new features in the latest LR release

  • The Lightroom Import Dialog
    Speed up your workflow right from the start! Importing into Lightroom correctly is where it all begins. The import dialog box has many options and we will customize it for speedy workflow including creating file naming & metadata presets for your images. We will also cover catolog and image location so that you always know where the "bleep" your pictures are!

  • Using Keywords, Metadata & Smart Collections in Lightroom
    How do you find one particular image from thousands of similar images? When an image is properly keyworded, and contains appropriate metadata it can be found in instant without even viewing thumbnails. A Digital Asset Management system is the key to the future. Join us for an enlightening 1.5 hours of training on how to best utilize Lightroom's Library Module to easily search and locate your images. Learn how to utilize keywords, metadata and smart collections in Lightroom to streamline your efficiency.

  • The Lightroom Library Module
    Learn the in's and out's of the Library Module and how to use it to effectively streamline your workflow. What do all those buttons mean anyway?

  • The Lightroom Develop Module
    Seth's favorite module...He will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to tweak your files, create custom presets and more!

  • The Lightroom Slideshow Module
    Creating customized slideshows out of Lightroom

  • The Lightroom Print Module
    One of the coolest things in Lightroom is to be able to render a print from the raw file at the native resolution. This one feature alone prints printing to a whole new level. Learn how to make gorgeous prints right out of Lightroom.

  • The Lightroom Web Module
    Create Web galleries for your friends and clients

  • Archiving: Archiving isn't backup
    While backup is good, archiving is a whole different ballgame. The key is being able to retrieve your images successfully in the future. If you archived on a syquest, an industry standard a while back, you'd be in tough shape today. And you thought CD's were safe? Learn how to create a true archive with D65.

  • Integrating Lightroom & Photoshop
    See the true power of your workflow by writing actions for LR and moving between the applications seamlessly

  • Localized Corrections in the Develop Module
    Most corrections in Lightroom are global, meaning the changes are applied to the entire image. Lightroom 2 introduced Local Corrections, using a gradient tool and a paintbrush to apply changes to just part of an image. There have been lots of changes behind the scenes in Lightroom 4, and learning how to use these tools correctly can make a huge difference in your workflow.

  • Using More Than One Computer with Lightroom
    Synching catalogs and moving back and forth from a desktop and a laptop in the field.

  • Creative Exercises to enhance your Shooting

  • The Business of Digital Photography

    Having a website isn't enough for a photographer, the key is making sure that you are found. Even though you can produce incredible images, have you changed your business tactics to compete in the global marketplace? Having a great looking web site is not enough these days. You need to be found. More and more photographers are using their web sites as store fronts, marketing tools and for licensing stock. A website is a great tool, when it works. Google any of the following: corporate photography, editorial photography, photography consulting or photography production. You will find a similarity. Out of as many as 21,000,000 possibilities, Seth Resnick or D-65 will be near or at the top. If you were in the top one percent of a search with 4,000,000 possibilites you would be listed as number 4000 on a list. Seth Resnick & D-65 both have grown their business from a local market to one's that now receives inquires from an average of over 30 countries per month. This offers incredible new opportunites for business growth. Check out this in depth webinar and learn ways to make your business grow.

    This webinar will focus on the "Hows" of digital capture, file prep and delivery
Just wanted to thank you for the webinar on the new features in LR4. Great use of technology and enjoyed it.
- Jesse Neider - Photographer
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