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Digital Photo Destinations Workshops – Not a photo tour – A true photography workshop

April 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

John Paul Caponigro and I take folks to exotic places like Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, The Atacama Desert, Namibia and places that folks dream about but rarely experience. When you travel with Digital Photo Destinations you get much more than a photo tour. We provide lectures as well as critiques of work and everyone gets one on one time.  Roger Ressmeyer who has been an executive at Getty Images and Corbis and has produced covers for National Geographic and now is producing a movie recently took our workshop in Iceland. Here is what Roger had to say about our workshop:

“Seth and JP’s Icelandic workshop was perfect in every imaginable way. It reignited my creativity and stretched my technical understanding to new heights. They are the teachers to teach teachers, and their laughter and excitement and awe of nature is totally contagious. I will be recommending their workshops to everybody who loves photography.”



See what others are saying about our dynamic program


Don’t miss out on our fabulous programs:

August 28-10, 2013


Dec 6-14, 2013


February 16-25, 2014


Namibia (Only 5 spaces left)
October 31 – November 11 2014 (more info soon(



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Three New Photo Destination Workshops Antarctica, Greenland, Atacama Desert

February 1st, 2013 |  by No comments


View of Iceberg extending deep into the ocean in Paradise Cove, Antarctica


2014 Antarctica Circle Crossing


February 16-25, 2014




After flying to King George Island (avoiding The Drake Passage) you’ll experience an incredible voyage to beautiful Antarctica on one of the most comfortable expedition vessels in the fleet – The Ocean Nova. You’ll journey south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never sets and few have ever gone!

More than a photo tour, this workshop is a life-changing experience.

Join us for our 6th trip to Antarctica.

Space is limited. You’ll receive lots of personal attention.

Find out more here and reserve your space today

See some of Seth’s Antarctica images 





2013 Greenland Western Fjiords


August 28-September 10, 2013




Join us for a voyage along the spectacular west coast of Greenland . We’llvisit dramatic fiords with towering ice cliffs, magnificent glaciers calving icebergs, ancient villages, and wonderful wildlife (polar bears, walrus, seal, whales, and many sea birds).

This is more than a photo tour. This is a life-changing experience. Our photography workshop offer seminars, demonstrations, reviews, special pre/post voyage webinars, and lots of one-on-one attention.

We’ll have Zodiacs dedicated to our photography group only with one instructor guiding each boat.We’ll work closely with the crew to shoot in the best times at the most beautiful places.Most importantly, we’ll work closely with you to help you make the most of the adventure and get the best results possible

 Space in our program is limited, so you’re assured of receiving lots of personalized attention while traveling with fellow voyagers who share your passions.

Find out more

Reserve your space today.
You must be on our list to register in our program.

Seth’s images from 2012 trip







2013 Atacama Desert 2013


December 6-14, 2013




Our Atacama/Puna Desert (South America) adventure in December was such a tremendous success that we are returning in December 2013 with an even better itinerary. The trip will sell out extremely fast. Only 6 spaces left. 


For More Info and Registration

Images from our 2012 trip

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Join us as we head South of the Antarctic Circle Feb 8-21, 2013

July 3rd, 2012 |  by No comments


Having been to the Antarctic Penninsula it would be sensible to ask why go again. It’s been our experience that Antarctica is a location that can’t be fully experienced in one trip. We’ve made four trips and every trip was different. We visit new locations; there are over 40 locations Quark lands at and with each visit we get to visit an average of 10  The ice conditions are always different; one month can make a big difference. Surprisingly, the thing that we’ve found makes the biggest difference is the weather, which affects the light dramatically. You haven’t experienced the riotous colors of the four hour long sunsets we had on our 2005 trip or the “nights” where the sun only skims the horizon but never truly sets south of the circle in 2009. Every time we go, we keep wondering how much more could there be to see and how different could the conditions be and every time we’re surprised that we discover so much more and that locations we know look so different. Each voyage has had an entirely unique character.

What are we personally looking forward to on this trip?

“Why go South of the Antarctic Circle? With all the traveling I have done there are two places which clearly excite more than all others. One is Sossusvlei in Namibia and the other is a magical stretch of Antarctica called the Gullet which is South of the Antarctic Circle. All of Antarctica is beautiful but there are places that I could go back to over an over again. The adventure through the Gullet is one of those experiences. The passage is ice choked and each turn is more magnificent than the one before. Of all of my trips to Antarctica it is by far the most magical place I have been on the continent and the opportunity to return is one which I simply would not pass up.”



“Seth and I agree. The two most sublime landscape experiences I’ve ever had were at Sossusvlei, Namibia and in Antarctica’s The Gullet. The Gullet was the remotest, purest, whitest experience I’ve ever had. It felt like being in a frozen heaven. Quietly cruising on mirror calm waters through the dramatic mountains of Crystal Bay to find the narrow channel through The Gullet (like seeing clouds cascade off high peaks to touch the water and be frozen in place) and through to Margueritte Bay lit up by endless hours of midnight color was one of the most beautiful 24 hours of my life. Many of us didn’t sleep that ‘night’ because we didn’t want to miss anything. We knew while we were there that few people on earth had ever had an experience similar to the one we were having.”



Best wishes,

Seth and JP


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November 25th, 2011 |  by No comments


D65 offers 4-day, intensive, digital workflow workshops, to teach you a detailed workflow using Lightroom 3. You’ll learn digital asset management, processing, printing, image delivery and much more! 


Everybody has a workflow now, but do you have one that works?  Streamlines your efficiency?  Does everything you need within one application?  Allows you to find any of your images throughout your entire image collection in seconds, with ease?  D65 has a workflow that works.   


We will equip you with the tools to manage your images efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. You’ll become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized, optimized and archived.   


The workshops are intensive, and lots of fun! By the end of the program, you will have the skills to create your own successful workflow in Lightroom. And, you’ll be armed with our comprehensive D-65 Lightroom 3 book.

Visit our website for more information on the program and toregister.


“Seth and Jamie are a tag team of information you won’t find anywhere else.  Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

Dallas:  January 27 – 30

Miami:  February 29 – March 3

Los Angeles:  March 13 – 16

New York:  April 11 – 14

Chicago:  June 3 – 6

Seattle:  July 27 – 30

Boston: October 12 – 15

San Francisco: November 5 – 8

 Past workshop participants experiences…

Save $330

  or MORE

Tuition for the workshop is $1,099 and we are offering 30% off the fee this weekend only!

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING “The Buddy Plan”. If you and a buddy are interested in attending any D65 Workshop, the second person can attend for only 50% (Yes, FIFTY PERCENT) of the tuition fee. For example, the tuition for our 4-Day Intensive Workflow Workshop is $1,099 per person. If you bring a friend and you register together, both of you can attend for a total of $1648.50, or $824.25 each. Be sure to tell us that you’re registering under “The Buddy Plan”!

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D-65’s New York Digital Workflow Workshop April 10-13 only 3 spots left

April 7th, 2011 |  by No comments

Everybody has a workflow now, but do you have one that works?  Streamlines your efficiency?  Does everything you need within one application?  Allows you to find any of your images throughout your entire image collection in seconds with ease?  D65 has a workflow that works.

D65 4-day intensive digitial workflow workshop is coming to New York April 10-13 and there are only 3 spots left. We will equip you with the tools to manage your images efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. You’ll become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized, optimized and archived.


The workshops are intensive, and lots of fun! By the end of the program, you will have the skills to create your own successful workflow in Lightroom. And, you’ll be armed with our comprehensive D-65 Lightroom 3 book.

Cost $1099


“Seth and Jamie are a tag team of information you won’t find anywhere else.  Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining.



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Intimate Lightroom Workshop In our Miami home March 7-10

February 18th, 2011 |  by No comments

We had such a fantastic time with a small group workshop in January at our home that we decided to continue this intimate program. There will be creative programs, business programs and workflow programs with  6-8 people max for an amazing experience!

The first one will be our 4-day, Lightroom 3 Workflow Workshop on March 7-10.  In addition to the course we will include a amazing wine tasting of some of the finest California wines and sunset shootings. The small group setting is conducive to involving everyone in the learning experience. With Jamie and I both teaching this is a close to a customized private workshop as possible at a totally affordable price.

Small intimate Lightroom Workshop in our Miami home

With a small workshop everyone gets personal one on one instruction

Jamie and Seth teaching Lightroom in the intimate setting of their Miami home

After learning Lightroom all day there is nothing like a wine workflow at night

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Botswana Part 10- breakfast with elephants, rhinos, lions

February 11th, 2011 |  by No comments

DAY 12

We get up and in our camp there is not only a spectacular sunrise but elephants join us and are literally inches away from where we are having coffee.

Major gigage on this sunrise

The yellows in the African sky are awesome

Don't turn around but we have company for breakfast

Seth... you might actually want to turn around now...

No need to bring a long lens. I never thought I would photograph elephants with a 14mm

The sun isn't even up yet and I already need to download files

One more frame before I download. Wow and it isn't even 6:30 AM yet..

We eventually get into our vehicles and head out. For some reason there are ferocious flies in the area and even with the worlds strongest bug spray they are landing on us constantly. We have to put on ponchos or towels over our head to keep the flies away.

I invent a new fashion for keeping flies away

The fad catches on and soon everyone is wearing the new look, but no one shows it as well as Michelle

We find some lions, and zebras but the sun is blazing and we decide that we will head in early and edit images. Just before we get ready for our afternoon adventure a thunderstorm of biblical proportions lets loose. The lightning is hitting the ground in the camp and everyone can feel the vibration from the lightning. We make sure that our rooms are not on fire and wait for the rain to subside. It doesn’t subside so we work on pictures until dinner.

I repeat that I am not a birder, but I do photograph the famous Lilac-Breasted Roller

Ok I forget this guys name but I think it is called a Bateleur Eagle

Smile your on candid camera

Hey that is the front door to my tent. Do you guys want to move?

I guess that answer is NO

DAY 13

I got up at 3AM to edit pictures and we head out into the brush around sunrise. We have an intense deep yellow sunrise. We find a pride of lions in deep grass and pull into the grass. We are photographing the lions on the right side of the vehicle and I glance to the left and realize that we have almost run over a lion in the deep grass who is now about 2 feet from the vehicle and no one saw him. I go to photograph him but my 300 mm has a minimum focus distance of 12 feet and he is too close to focus on. I get a bit of a chill on my spine and end up photographing the lion with a 70mm.

I apologize Mrs. Lion. We really did not see you in the grass and now you are really really really close

We get special permission to go out with a guide named Poster who has been working with the introduction of rhinos into Botswana. Over 300 rhinos were killed by poachers last year and 30 just this month. Most are killed in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The horn of the rhino can fetch up to one million dollars. The poaching is highly sophisticated and controlled by organized crime which sell the horn as a ground powder in China where it is a highly prized aphrodisiac. Unlike many of its African counterparts, Botswana takes poaching very seriously. There is anti poaching patrol and the president has assigned military to assist as well. If you are caught poaching the penalty is 17 years in prison and a large fine and that is only if you make it back alive. The president of Botswana has given the military shoot to kill orders for poaching.

Bug spray is useless and we devise our own system of towels wrap around our heads held in place with a baseball cap. It actually worked.  We soon find our rhinos and they are truly amazing animals. We spend about an hour with them photographing the rhinos and joking about a bird named an ox pecker that has a symbiotic relationship with the rhino. Michelle, Jeff and I are cracking up as we realize we are waiting for the birds. Have we been converted into bird watchers? All of a sudden the rhinos move behind a bush and we maneuver the vehicle to go around the other side of the bush to face the rhinos head on. We again burst into laughter because we can’t find the rhinos. How in earth can we miss three 4 ton animals that simply went around a bush.

Poster and the Botswana Rhino Project

The rhinos are amazing and massive

really massive

Anti Poaching Unit has shoot to kill orders if you are a poacher...

Botswana is one of the few countries really trying to protect the rhinos from extinction

Rhino horns sell for over $1,000,000 each in china

In the afternoon we hook up with Russell who is the cousin of Steve. Steve and Brennan run Journey’s Unforgettable which is the company that set up this amazing trip and Russell is one of the owners of Wilderness Safari. They own and run the camps that we have been at. Russell is a fabulous guy and very interested in learning about Lightroom and went out with Jeff on previous safaris in Africa. We meet him at camp and we all hit it off. We immediately head out into the bush with Russell.We come across a bizarre encounter. We find a group of female lions and what we think is a male lion. The male lion turns out to be either a female with a mane or a male without a critical part. They actually do not know if it is a he or a she and will likely do DNA testing at some point.

It is a transexual lion

She and she are coming closer

Oh NO. There is that running little move right towards us

Really right towards us. Like two feet away

The cubs are so cute

Mom cuddles with cub

Mom tells other female to back off!

We want to take one home:)

As you can see, more major gigage on lions

Comical and cute

Way to cute

Ok already. I could show you 100 more lion images like this but time to move on...

Russell is an avid birder and even has an iphone app that he helped develop to identify all the birds in Africa. Michelle, Jeff and I are really getting scared that we are getting infected with bird watching. We can even call out the names of a few birds and the really scary part is that we admit that we may like it…..


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June 8th, 2010 |  by No comments

At 4:15 EST D65 went live with our new website. Check out the new services and site


Seth and Jamie

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Lightroom 3 Released

June 8th, 2010 |  by No comments

Last night at midnight EST Adobe released Lightroom 3. LR 3 has many new features but some of the coolest are:

  • Better overall performance
  • Support for video
  • Image Watermarking
  • New Import Dialog
  • Awesome new noise reduction
  • Totally way cool Lens Corrections both auto and manual
  • Integration with Flickr
  • Tethered shooting
  • Slideshows exportable with music
  • Print packages
  • Addition of Grain

We have a brand new book on Lightroom 3 which we will be posting shortly.


Seth and Jamie

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