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Back from Antarctica and pictures are posted. Off to Iceland tomorrow…

March 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

Wow what an amazing February and here comes March… We got back from Antarctica last Saturday and started a workshop limited to 10 folks in Palm Beach Gardens. Tomorrow I leave for two Digital Photo Destination workshops in Iceland with good friend JP where we will be photographing Ice Caves and the Aurora. Our local dear friend and Icelandic photographic expert Ragnar just had some of his images featured in Time Magazine. Our workshop folks are truly being offered the best possible experience in Iceland.

My images from our Antarctica trip are posted. It was really an amazing trip and I concentrated on reflections and ice under water which i really find fascinating. I love Antarctica and JP and I have another trip scheduled , our 6th trip on February 16-25th 2014. This trip will include bypassing the infamous Drake Passage by flying to and from the continent. This trip is selling out fast with only 9 spots now left.20130213_danko_island_0289

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Auroras / Night Photography, Glaciers & Ice Caves ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT

January 18th, 2013 |  by No comments



Our March 14 – 20 Iceland Workshop is completely sold out so we added a second workshop from March 6-12. We have only one spot left in the second workshop. This is going to be an awesome workshop which is coordinated around the 10 year peak of the Norhtern Lights. We will be in an optimal location for the best viewing in a decade. If you are interested in the one open spot Register Today.

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Second Workshop Just Added Auroras/ Night Photography /Glaciers and Ice Caves Added March 6-12, 2013

November 20th, 2012 |  by No comments

Our Auroras and ice Caves Workshop in Icelandsold out so fast that we added a second session March 6-12, 2013. This session only has 9 spots left. If you would like to reserve a spot contact

Einar Erlendsson <>.

Workshop Updates


Our Atacama Desert workshop  December 3 -11 2012 in Chile is sold out .

Our Antarctica South of the Circle Workshop, February 8-21  has only 4 spots left.




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Workshops, Lectures and Upcoming Trips

September 27th, 2012 |  by No comments

Monaco Glacier calving

I am back from our Digital Photo Destinations trip to Greenland and the Arctic. The trip was awesome and we were in the Arctic for an historic event. The extraordinary decline in Arctic sea ice during 2012 is finally over. Sea ice extent bottomed out on September 16, announced scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) on Wednesday. The sea ice extent fell to 3.41 million square kilometers, breaking the previous all-time low set in 2007 by 18%–despite the fact that this year’s weather was cloudier and cooler than in 2007. Nearly half (49%) of the icecap was gone during this year’s minimum, compared to the average minimum for the years 1979 – 2000. This is an area approximately 43% of the size of the Contiguous United States.

I have posted alumni highlights from this trip  and my own images from the trip .



 2013 Iceland Adventure – Auroras / Night Photography & Glaciers / Ice Caves – Plus Aerials



March 14 – 20, 2013

Limited to 14 Participants

Price TBA (includes travel, room, and board in Iceland)

Instructors – John Paul Caponigro / Seth Resnick / Ragnar Th Sigurdsson

The Adventure

2013 is a super year for auroras – a twelve-year peak. Join us for northern lights, night photography, super-jeeps, hiking glaciers and exploring ice caves. This is photography workshop is like no other.

Digital Photo Destinations (Seth Resnick and John Paul Caponigro) join forces with Focus On Nature and arctic photographic specialist Ragnar Th Sigurdsson (, a native of Iceland who has extensive knowledge in night photography and lighting on location.

Our special workshop is scheduled when the moon is nearly full and ninety degrees to the northern lights making conditions ideal for night photography. Imagine photographing Iceland’s glacial lagoon (Jokullsarlon) by the light of the moon with northern lights.

We’ll hike the south coast’s glaciers during the season when they are bluest and ice caves are most numerous.

We’ll also take super-jeeps into the winter wonderlands of the volcanic highlands.

Join us and you’ll think you’ve gone to another planet – but that’s the way Iceland is.

Special Extension

A limited number of seats are available for a one-day special aerial photography extension.

Starting and ending in Rekjavik, we’ll divide our time between the north coast’s lake Myvatn and the south coast’s Jokulsarlon (the glacial lagoon), with a foray into the highlands behind the glaciers. We’ll ride zodiacs, hike on glaciers, run under waterfalls, and 4-wheel through rugged terrain accessible to only a few. Our guides known the local terrain like few others do. (This will be John Paul’s sixth and Seth’s fourth workshop in Iceland.)


Creativity, composition, exposure, workflow, and post-processing are only a few of the topics that will be presented.

We’ll focus extensively on night photography – long exposure, flash, light painting and of course astrophotography.

You’ll get lots of guidance on site and reviews of your work off site.

Get ready for a non-stop week of making images in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape!





There is only one spot left in our Atacama Adventure workshop  December 3 to December 11, 2012.

We also have a special promotion for the 4 spots left in our Antarctica 2013 Workshop

The following offers are good through October 15th.

$2,500 off owner’s suite
$2,000 off suites
$1,500 off superior and deluxe cabins
$1,000 off triple cabins
Plus an additional 5% off if you’ve travelled with Quark before.

Sea Spirit is one of the most comfortable boats we’ve travelled on; even the triples have private baths.
Our group will be a small intimate group with many old friends accompanying us.

I hope you can join us!

Contact to register





D-65 will teach you detailed workflow utilizing the 7 modules of Lightroom 4, to vastly improve your digital asset management, processing and image delivery skills.You’ll learn the fundamentals of Lightroom 4 and become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized, edited  and archived through keywording, metadata and collections.You’ll optimally develop  and enhance your images with presets and synchronization. And have the ability to move between Lightroom and Photoshop with ease while delivering quality images to friends, family or clients.


Visit our website for more information on the program and toregister.


“Seth and Jamie are a tag team of information you won’t find anywhere else.  Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: October 2-5
*limited to 10 participants – takes place in our home,
enjoy wine tastings & seth’s fantastic cooking

Boston: October 12 – 15

San Francisco: November 5 – 8

Seattle: January 25-28

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: March 5-8

Los Angeles: April 26-29

New York: May 16-19

Chicago: June 9-12

Denver: August 4-7

Save $100

  or MORE

Tuition for the workshop is $1,099 and we are offering $100 off the fee for all registrations by September 30th!  Discount code: SEPT

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING “The Buddy Plan”. If you and a buddy are interested in attending any D65 Workshop, the second person can attend for only 50% (Yes, FIFTY PERCENT) of the tuition fee.

For example, the tuition for our 4-Day Intensive Workflow Workshop is $1,099 per person. If you bring a friend and you register together, both of you can attend for a total of $1648.50, or $824.25 each. Be sure to tell us that you’re registering under “The Buddy Plan”.


Seeing Color: Creating Dynamic and Saleable Images, PhotoPlus, New York

October 25, 2012 1:30 to 3:30 PM


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Highlights from our DPD trip to Iceland

September 3rd, 2012 |  by No comments

John Paul Caponigro and I (DPD) in conjunction with Einar Eriendsson and Focus on Naturejust concluded our Iceland Workshop. We had a fantastic time and are already planning to return this coming winter to hold a workshop on Auroras, Ice Caves  and glaciers and aerials which we will announce soon. If you would like to

2013 is a super year for auroras – a twelve-year peak. If you are interested in early notification about this workshop which will be limited to 14 people, please write to

I realized on this trip that Ice is my muse and wanted to share some of the highlights of our Iceland trip which is the first part of our Arctic Adventure. Tomorrow we start out Greenland Workshop and will post those images when I return.

 Green algae in pools at crater on Snafellsnes, Iceland

Church on Snafellsnes

Computer screen in lava near summit of crater on


Multicolored lava at crater


Sensual lava


Basalt formations on Snafellsnes

Basalt Columns Snafellsnes

Birds foraging for krill in breaking waves

The highest peak in Snafellsnes is snow free for the first time

Car at sunset on Snafellsnes

The aurora as seen in Snafellsnes


Opera house in Reykjavik

Silica flats at Powerplant

Breaking waves in Rekjanes

Crater in the Highlands

Striations in the hillsides of the Highlands

Sheep on a mountainside in the Highlands

Waterfall in the Highlands

Waterfalll in the Highlands

Waterfall in the Highlands

Waterfall in the Highlands

Wall of volcanic crater

Panoramic of entire crater

Obsidian reflecting blue sky near crater

Full moon rising over Heckla Volcano



Rainbow at Seljalandsfoss




Rainbow at Skogarfoss

Storm brewing in South East Iceland

Sculpted ice in Glacial Lagoon

Formation in Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Ice on Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

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