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Auroras / Night Photography, Glaciers & Ice Caves ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT

January 18th, 2013 |  by No comments



Our March 14 – 20 Iceland Workshop is completely sold out so we added a second workshop from March 6-12. We have only one spot left in the second workshop. This is going to be an awesome workshop which is coordinated around the 10 year peak of the Norhtern Lights. We will be in an optimal location for the best viewing in a decade. If you are interested in the one open spot Register Today.

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Second Workshop Just Added Auroras/ Night Photography /Glaciers and Ice Caves Added March 6-12, 2013

November 20th, 2012 |  by No comments

Our Auroras and ice Caves Workshop in Icelandsold out so fast that we added a second session March 6-12, 2013. This session only has 9 spots left. If you would like to reserve a spot contact

Einar Erlendsson <>.

Workshop Updates


Our Atacama Desert workshop  December 3 -11 2012 in Chile is sold out .

Our Antarctica South of the Circle Workshop, February 8-21  has only 4 spots left.




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Highlights from our DPD trip to Iceland

September 3rd, 2012 |  by No comments

John Paul Caponigro and I (DPD) in conjunction with Einar Eriendsson and Focus on Naturejust concluded our Iceland Workshop. We had a fantastic time and are already planning to return this coming winter to hold a workshop on Auroras, Ice Caves  and glaciers and aerials which we will announce soon. If you would like to

2013 is a super year for auroras – a twelve-year peak. If you are interested in early notification about this workshop which will be limited to 14 people, please write to

I realized on this trip that Ice is my muse and wanted to share some of the highlights of our Iceland trip which is the first part of our Arctic Adventure. Tomorrow we start out Greenland Workshop and will post those images when I return.

 Green algae in pools at crater on Snafellsnes, Iceland

Church on Snafellsnes

Computer screen in lava near summit of crater on


Multicolored lava at crater


Sensual lava


Basalt formations on Snafellsnes

Basalt Columns Snafellsnes

Birds foraging for krill in breaking waves

The highest peak in Snafellsnes is snow free for the first time

Car at sunset on Snafellsnes

The aurora as seen in Snafellsnes


Opera house in Reykjavik

Silica flats at Powerplant

Breaking waves in Rekjanes

Crater in the Highlands

Striations in the hillsides of the Highlands

Sheep on a mountainside in the Highlands

Waterfall in the Highlands

Waterfalll in the Highlands

Waterfall in the Highlands

Waterfall in the Highlands

Wall of volcanic crater

Panoramic of entire crater

Obsidian reflecting blue sky near crater

Full moon rising over Heckla Volcano



Rainbow at Seljalandsfoss




Rainbow at Skogarfoss

Storm brewing in South East Iceland

Sculpted ice in Glacial Lagoon

Formation in Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Glacial Lagoon

Ice on Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

 Fallsjokull Glacier

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Antarctica and Patagonia Trip

December 24th, 2011 |  by No comments


There were many  meaningful moments of the Antarctica/Patagonia trip some of which started long before the trip.

Here are some of the highlights……


Checking various volcano sites every morning at 4:30 and calculating our chances of making it to Buenos Aires and finally Ushuaia.

Finding an alternative way to get to Ushuaia via a 35 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires.

Finally after much anxiety, making it to Ushuaia.

Walking in to my favorite wine store in Ushuaia and they had our pictures behind the counter from our 3 previous trips to the store.

Seeing the trunk of the taxi completely filled with the likes of Zucardi Tempranillos.

Hiring helicopters with JP to bring a group of folks up to the top of the glaciers in Ushuaia completely spur of the moment.

Having everyone arrive in Ushuaia without major problems even though a volcano was canceling flights to Ushuaia and Buenos Aires.

Oh yea, Arthur and Eric.


Getting on the ship and seeing Captain Alexi who had taken us South of the Antarctic Circle when no other ships could get through the ice.

Getting all of our wine onboard the ship.

Having some old and dear friends on the ship and meeting new folks some of whom will be new life long friends.

Getting on my patch so that I didn’t hurl across the Drake.

Figuring how to give lectures while the boat is pitching 30 degrees.

Figuring how to keep crystal wine glasses that we bought on board from smashing as you hold them with one hand and eat with the other.

Crossing the Point of Convergence and feeling a sense of magic and mystery.

Convincing some Zodiac drivers to get just a little closer and then just a little closer to amazing vantage points for icebergs.

Seeing the blue of an iceberg from underneath it.

Seeing the joy of everyone in the zodiacs when we got into the best positions.

Talking about the famous extension pole to get the best vantage points under the ice.

Having Campbell Gunn tell me that one of the zodiac rides with me was his best photographic day of his life.

Getting to stand on three icebergs.

Sitting in a zodiac with Linc, and Nancy and Eric from Syracuse University that I went to school with in 1979.

Finding that my dear friend JP is truly having impact on my life. I learned how to sleep almost instantly by studying how he did this on the trip.

Finding that some of my best images from the trip look like JP shot them.

Trying to find something to argue about with JP about and still being unsuccessful in this department.

Seeing the smile on Jeffrey Neu’s face even when he was close to being banned from Antarctica.

Oh yea, Arthur and Eric..


Having Louisa Michelin translate and to assure me that even though my passport was filled that she would help me get through Chile.

Seeing the Perito Moreno glacier and then getting to hike up it.

Arthur and Eric..

Most amazing of all is trying to write down my memories and realizing that I could go on and on and on. THIS WAS AN AMAZING JOURNEY….


And now for some image highlights…

Frozen water on glacier in Ushuaia, Argentina


Glaciated rock in Ushuaia


Glacial pond in Ushuaia


Wetlands from helicopter in Ushuaia



Halfmoon Island


Iceberg on Halfmoon Island


Sun over Halfmoon Island


Sculpted Ice on Halfmoon Island


Rusted iron on Deception Island


Iceberg in Wilhelmina Bay


Wilhelmina Bay


Spectacular berg in Wilhelmina Bay


Sky in Neko Harbour


Blue ice in Neko Harbour


Rainbow in Neko Harbour


Bue Iceberg, Petermann Island


Sun over Petermann Island

Snow Algae on Petermann Island


Under overhang of Iceberg, Petermann Island


Neon light at the iceberg Graveyard


Sliding penguin, Iceberg Graveyard


Through the hole, Iceberg Graveyard


Iceberg Graveyard


Storm clouds and the Iceberg Graveyard


Danko Island blue iceberg


Danko Island over and under iceberg


looking up at berg on Danko Island


Striated berg, Danko Island


Under the berg, Danko Island


Lenticular Clouds over Melchior Islands


Iceberg caving in Patagonia

Glacier in El Calafate, Patagonia


El Calafate, Patagonia


View below and above glacier, El Calafate, Patagonia


Glacier, El Calafate


Blue hole in ice on glacier in El Calafate, Patagonia


Blue ice on glacier, El Calafate, Patagonia


Glacier hike, El Calafate, Patagonia


Glacier hike in El Calafate, Patagonia


Glacier. El Calafate, Patagonia


Sunrise in Torres del Paine, Patagonia


Swamp in Torres del Paine, Patagonia


Llamas in Torres del Paine, Patagonia


Torres del Paine sunrise








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Planning New Trip with John Paul Caponigro to Photograph Greenland- Polar Bears, Ice and Walrus

February 16th, 2011 |  by No comments


Get ready for an exciting trip to Greenland photographing ice, polar bears and walrus

TBA most likley August 2012

With World Renowned Photographers

John Paul Caponigro, Seth Resnick,

– TO be placed on advance list Email

Our Antarctica 2011 workshop sold out fast!

John Paul Caponigro and I are organizing a new Arctic (Iceland, Greenland, and Spitsbergen) digital photography workshop/cruise during the end of August or early September 2012.

Our itinerary will be similar to this voyage but customized to maximize photographic opportunities. Geothermals, glaciers, fjiords, icebergs, whales, walrus, and polar bear are only a few of the trip’s highlights.Creativity, exposure, workflow, and post-processing are only a few of the topics presented.

You can be among the first to reserve a space and get your choice of cabins by requesting to be placed on our pre-announce list.We’ll alert you with more information as soon as details become firm.Your contact information will remain confidential.

Tentative route for Greenland

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Antarctica Trip – Nov 30 – Dec 10 2011 – early signup

September 9th, 2010 |  by Comments off

We are putting together another trip to Antarctica:)

Antarctica Trip – Nov 30 – Dec 10 2011 – early signup

Dear friends,

At long last, we are contacting you with the latests details about our Antarctica 2011 workshop.

We had hoped to be in touch with you much sooner. There have been many delays with the travel company we’ve worked with in the past Quark. We didn’t want to contact you until we had firm details. We do now.We still plan to visit the highlights of the Antarctic Penninsula – Deception Island (sailing into an active volcano), Paradise Bay (gliding below slowly calving glaciers), Neko Harbor (walking up to the edge of and looking down at a calving glacier), Lamaire Channel (sailing through mountain peaks at sunset), Plenneau Bay (iceberg graveyard) and many more.

Our timing (November 30 – December 10) is early in the season when the ice is great, the weather is good, and the penguins are nesting.

There will be many lectures, demonstrations, and reviews – more than in previous voyages.

There will be special guest instructors – soon to be announced. (We’ve got a killer list.)

The cost of the trip is based on the type of berth you opt for – single, double, or triple occupancy.We are traveling on one of Quark’s most comfortable boats the Ocean Nova.

$7,990 (shared triple berth)

$9,990 (shared double berth)

$14,990 ( single berth)

These rates include all on board expenses; travel, room, board, lectures, etc.

They do not include airfare to and from Ushuaia, Argentina.

After long negotiations, we have been limited to one payment option.All participants will need to make a full non-refundable commitment to the trip.

We realize not all of you are either willing or able to make this financial commitment at this time.

We hope that enough of you are able to do this so we can make a 2011 voyage.

We’re writing to you now to inquire if you are among those willing and able to make this commitment now (within the next four weeks).

The fee is transferable – you can sell or gift a spot to someone else.

In addition, we recommend Quark’s travel insurance which will protect your investment should you need to make a cancellation later.

Funds will not be collected by Quark until we have positive responses from enough people (we’ll alert you in the next ten days) and Quark is ready to receive funds (several weeks).

Availability on this trip is limited and will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

The first three voyages sold out in as little as 72 hours.

Even if you are not able to make this commitment at this time, we’d like to hear from you, about whether you are still interested in making this voyage with us and what type of berth you’re interested in.

In short, all we need from you at this time is to hear back from you.

1 You are willing and able to make this commitment now. Your preference of berth types.

2You are unable to make this commitment now but will be able to do so at a later date. Your preference of berth types.

We hope to hear from you very soon (please email us).

And we look forward to recontacting you shortly thereafter.

Our very best wishes,

Andy Biggs

John Paul Caponigro

Seth Resnick

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