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Teaching Lightroom 5 in full swing

June 13th, 2013 |  by No comments

Our Lightroom Workshop in Chicago was treated to a very nice surprise as the first day of the workshop was the morning after the official release of Lightroom 5. These lucky folks were among the first in the world to receive training on Lightroom 5. From Chicago I head to Toronto for where I will be giving a creative lecture and a lecture on Lightroom 5.

The next big Lightroom 5 workshop is in our home in Palm Beach Gardens July 23-26th. When we teach in our home we include a very special 7 course dinner with wine.

This week Adobe mentioned us in the official Lightroom Blog as a training resource

Lastly our Lightroom 5 book is in production and will be released within a month.




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Pre-Order D65’s Lightroom 4 Book

March 6th, 2012 |  by No comments

Pre-Order D65's Lightroom Workbook, Workflow Not Workslow in Lightroom 4

This book is based on the D-65 workshops which are a dynamic resource for photographers of any level. The 4-day intensive workshop equips pro photographers art directors, photo editors, image heavy bloggers, and the advanced amateur with the tools to manage their workflow efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

With our book or workshop, utilizing the 7 modules of Lightroom 4, we’ll teach you detailed workflow, digital asset management, processing and image delivery. You’ll also learn to tag, name, size, and sharpen your images so they’re perfect for reproduction. Plus, you’ll become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized and archived.

By the end of our book, workshop, or consultation you will have the skills to create your own successful workflow in Lightroom 4.

If you read our first or second book, The Photoshop Lightroom Workbook, Workflow not Workslow in Lightroom 2, or D-65’s Lightroom Workbook Workflow, Not Workslow in Lightroom 3, you will already know why we love Lightroom.  If you haven’t read our earlier books, or been to one of our workshops or webinars, Lightroom is a one-stop solution for digital workflow. It utilizes the power behind Adobe Camera Raw, combining image processing and a digital asset management system under one roof. The aim of Lightroom is to be simple and to streamline workflow.



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Seth Resnick – Digital Tips & Tricks Workflow Not Workslow- Naples, Florida March 4, 5, 2011

February 25th, 2011 |  by Comments off

Seth Resnick

Seth Resnick
Photographer extraordinaire, lecturer, co-founder D-65

2-day camera workshop
Friday-Saturday, March 4-5
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

In this workshop, Seth will teach a detailed and efficient workflow to organize, process and transport your images to your family and friends. Learn all the tricks and tips you’ll need to work with Lightroom and spend more time shooting and less time computing.

Seth Resnick is co-founder of D-65, an organization teaching digital workflow workshops (visit for more information) and co-author of the Photoshop Lightroom Workbook Workflow not Workslow in Lightroom 2. He is at the forefront of digital technologies in photography, working with companies like Adobe, Canon and Xrite.

For Registration Information


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Lightroom 3 Released

June 8th, 2010 |  by No comments

Last night at midnight EST Adobe released Lightroom 3. LR 3 has many new features but some of the coolest are:

  • Better overall performance
  • Support for video
  • Image Watermarking
  • New Import Dialog
  • Awesome new noise reduction
  • Totally way cool Lens Corrections both auto and manual
  • Integration with Flickr
  • Tethered shooting
  • Slideshows exportable with music
  • Print packages
  • Addition of Grain

We have a brand new book on Lightroom 3 which we will be posting shortly.


Seth and Jamie

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