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D65’s Lightroom Workshop – Workflow not Workslow – coming to Chicago June 8-11

May 24th, 2011 |  by No comments

Our next Lightroom Workflow Workshop is in Chicago June 8th – 11th at Jeff Schewe’s studio. Come learn Lightroom from the folks who really did write the book on Lightroom and gain some Photoshop knowledge from Jeff Schewe who probably knows more about Photoshop than anyone else in the world.

No one ever accused a creative mind of being organized. The two don’t usually go hand in hand. But when you’re a photographer, being organized is invaluable. And if you’re shooting digitally, it’s crucial.

The D-65 workshops are a dynamic resource for photographers of any level. Our 4-day intensive will equip you with the tools to manage your work efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

Utilizing the 5 modules of Lightroom 3 we’ll teach you detailed workflow, digital asset management, processing and image delivery. You’ll also learn to tag, name, size, and sharpen your images so they’re perfect for reproduction. Plus, you’ll become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized and archived.

By the end of our program, you will have the skills to create your own successful workflow in Lightroom 3. And, you’ll be armed with D65’s comprehensive Lightroom Workbook; Workflow, Not Workslow in Lightroom 3.

Each D-65 workshop is all encompassing and vital for professional photographers, art directors, photo editors, image heavy bloggers, and the advanced amateur.
In addition to Adobe Lightroom 3, D-65 will cover:

• Digital Asset Management
• Optimizing Lightroom & Photoshop Preferences
• Color Spaces
• File Formats
• Digital Standards
• Exposing for Digital
• White Balance
• Color Management From Input to Output
• Profiling Monitors & Systems
• Using Lightroom: The 5 Modules
• Lightroom Catalog & Preferences
• Importing Images into Lightroom
• File Naming Conventions
• Metadata & Keywording
• Rating Your Images
• Tweaking Your Files – the beauty of Parametric Editing
• Sharpening: Capture, Creative and Output
• Processing Files
• Custom Presets
• Automating workflow
• Photoshop CS5
• Creating Actions for Lightroom
• Client Delivery
• FTP File Transmission
• Web Galleries, Slide Shows, PDF Presentations
• Printing, Soft Proofing & ICC Profiles
• Converting to CMYK
• Archiving
• Retouching for Digital
• The Business of Digital
• Copyright and Security
• Digital Camera Maintenance

D-65 is taught by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer , two seasoned professionals with over 30 years of
experience advocating creativity. Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

* The course fee covers your participation in the workshop. It does not include travel, lodging, transportation, or meal expenses.
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How to Create Killer Images with Seth Resnick July 10 – July 16, 2011 Santa Fe

March 17th, 2011 |  by No comments

High Intensity Creative Workshop – How to Create Killer Images  with Seth Resnick  July 10 – July 16, 2011

Learn how to create dynamic images from ordinary subjects

“How to Create Killer Images” is a workshop that seeks to reinvigorate your capacity for creativity. We concentrate on techniques that improve the overall photographic process, from concept to output.

In this high-energy workshop, we spend the majority of our time chasing the extraordinary New Mexico light through dramatic, ever-varied landscapes, from sunrise to sunset. We photograph with and without models in diverse environments that include sand dunes, salt flats, colorfully layered red rock, and more. Each photographer learns how to create what they see in their mind’s eye—things others would not see if they were standing right next to them. In this way, you learn how to see the subject matter that you might otherwise overlook.


A simple piece of old steel that you may otherwise walk by becomes a strong photograph when the foreground and background are opposite colors

Our non-photographing time includes daily critiques of our work, and classroom instruction on creativity and technique. We use Adobe Lightroom to process our images and optimize them for output.

The class is designed for photographers of all skill levels who want to take their photography in new and different directions. Our ultimate objective is to create the strong color imagery and dynamic graphics that stand the test of time.


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First in a series of Webinars for onOne – Taking Your Image Workflow To The Stratosphere with Seth Resnick, January 12th, 12pm – 1pm Pacific

January 5th, 2011 |  by Comments off

Taking Your Image Workflow To The Stratosphere with Seth Resnick, January 12th, 12pm – 1pm Pacific

Photo by Seth Resnick

We’ve teamed up with onOne Software, to bring a new Webinar series aimed at showing you all new ways to use the onOne Perfect Photo Suite creatively with your image workflow. And best of all, Seth will be bringing you fresh Webinar content every month in 2011!

For the first installment in Seth’s Webinar series, he will start with an intro and demonstrate how to record actions in Photoshop to help speed up workflow productivity. He will then incorporate various onOne products, showcasing how to really get the most out of your automated workflow. Finally, Seth will show you how you can execute this round-trip solution all from within Adobe Lightroom.

For those of you searching for ways to maximize your time during post processing, you do not want to miss this Webinar series.

We also have a special Coupon Code  for a 15% savings on OnOne Software in our store

Wednesday, January 12th
12pm Pacific (1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern; 8pm GMT)
Register Now

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D65 launches our new book- D65’s Lightroom Workbook Workflow, Not Workslow in Lightroom 3

June 10th, 2010 |  by Comments off

D-65’s workflow is accomplished by using Adobe Lightroom.  D65’s Lightroom Workbook, Workflow Not Workslow details everything you ever wanted or needed to know about the five modules in Lightroom, including setting up preferences for optimal results and organizing catalogs. Included is an entire chapter which details the D-65 legendary workflow;  an advanced, yet simple workflow from capture through editing, tweaking, processing and exporting. The book also covers many digital concepts such as color space, shooting raw, file naming and archiving. D-65 was one of the first and foremost companies teaching Lightroom workflow, and the incredibly successful program, which is still the standard that others go by, has taught thousands of photographers worldwide. Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer are the perfect guides to lead you through the maze of technical problems and practical challenges that stand between you and a seamless digital workflow with Lightroom at the core. Seth Resnick has worked with the Lightroom development team since its inception and knows the program inside and out.

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