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Part 7 – the day of the leopards..
February 8th, 2011 |  by

Painted Reed Frog in my plunge pool

Elephants are everywhere


We get up early and head out into the bush. We see a warthog family coming out of a den built by an anteater that dug into a termite mound. We encounter wildebeest, zebras and elephants but nothing really too excited. We plan to head back to camp and eat breakfast, edit and relax and then…

A dazzle of zebras

Elephants are amazing animals to watch and interact with

If the early morning was a lull the late morning certainly made up for it. Seeing a leopard is rare but we encounter two leopards. We followed both of them and we were touching distance. It was beyond incredible to watch these sleek and beautiful animals on the ground hunting and in the trees. I filled two 32 gig cards which I have never done in my life. We were up at 4 AM and the plan was to be back for lunch at around 11:30 but it was well past 1:00 when we finally left the second leopard who was passed out in a tree in the hot sun.

Two leopards in one afternoon made for some incredible shooting

Patterns and color

Close enough to touch but not a good idea....

Time to go up that tree....

Gee the leopard is right above us and looking at me

Coming down...

Yum, three photographers would make a nice meal

Back off

Back up the tree

Almost time for a nap

Yup it is nap time

We eat quickly and edit and head back out around 4 PM and find elephants, rainbows and we encounter an entire den of hyenas. The little ones come up to the vehicle and start to chew on our tires. I can photograph the pups with a 24 mm while the parents watch. It was another incredible site. On the way back to camp we find some giraffes and then have a spectacular African sunset.

Rainbows were common

more rainbows..

Hyenas come up to the vehicle and chew on the tires

close enough to shoot with a 24mm

Mom not so happy about me shooting with a 24mm

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