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A Body of Work

February 14th, 2015 |  by No comments

Almost any photographer can produce 10 to 20 really good images but that in itself, may no longer be enough to gain them the recognition that will take their craft further. Developing a voice or a style and eventually developing a successful body of work may help provide you with the edge to take your work to the next level.


20140407_chefchaouen_0111If you are a painter there are words to describe the style of painting that very clearly communicates the type of work you produce such as Impressionism, Realism, Photorealism, Fauvism, Surrealism. If you work in ceramics, or glass or just about any form of art other than photography the outside world gets a pretty good idea about your art. Yet, when it comes to photography, most folks just call themselves a photographer, which leaves the door wide open for interpretation. When I say that I am a photographer, I am routinely asked if I do weddings and when I say no, I am asked if I do wildlife and when I say sometimes, they are already confused. When I add in that I also photograph people and landscapes and produce commercial work for magazines, and fine art for galleries they are clearly even more confused.

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Art of Creativity Workshop

January 29th, 2015 |  by No comments

Folks who have taken our Art of Creativity Class are typically asked by others if they shot good pictures?They are surprised when they learn that the person never actually shot a photograph during the workshop. How can one take a photography workshop and not shoot?

The Art of Creativity

The Art of Creativity

We teach two photography workshops that do not incorporate shooting. The Art of Creativity and The Art of Processing are very rewarding to teach and our participants take their work to new levels yet they don’t actually shoot.  So what exactly do we do in our program? We just finished teaching the Art of Creativity and below are just some of the topics we covered with the students. We spend the majority of our time on creative exercises to develop and enhance a personal distinct vision.

Picking words from the back of tickets to give new ideas

Picking words from the back of tickets to give new ideas

There are in depth reviews of work which include things like every person supplying 10 ideas to further develop a body of work. This in itself gives each participant more than 100 ideas. Some of the topics we covered were:


  • Describing your vision
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Keywords for yourself and your images   
  • Your photographic influences
  • Guiding Questions
  • Titles For A Body Of WorkWhat’s missing? 
  • How could you add something to make “it” more complete/successful?
  • What could you add to a complete body of work to extend it?    

It is beyond rewarding as a teacher when you can get students to find major life answers to questions that connect to their work. Tears, hugs and laughter are all experiences that we share as a group.


It is tradition for creativity to extend to food and wine

It is tradition for creativity to extend to food and wine


Ironically, when deciding on a workshop many people simply assume that they are already creative and they really are only interested processing. If we look at the work of many of the worlds respected photographers both living and dead they all had a very distinctive style and voice. It is not hard to know a Jay Maisel photograph or Greg Gorman, Eric Meola, or John Paul Caponigro. The same is true of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and just about every other well known photographer. Their signature goes well beyond the physical one on the print. The entire image becomes a signature and this is what we teach in this workshop which just about every photographer finds beneficial.


In the end we ask all the students to rate various factors of the workshop on a scale of 1- 10.  It is truly humbling and rewarding to to review our own grades and see that we with with a possibility of 60 from each of 10 students our lowest grade was a 53 and 8 students gave us 60. This gives us a average score of 58.7 in satisfaction and expectations from a possible 60.


Our next Art of Creativity Workshop has only one space left and it is August 6-9 in Maine.

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Teaching Lightroom 5 in full swing

June 13th, 2013 |  by No comments

Our Lightroom Workshop in Chicago was treated to a very nice surprise as the first day of the workshop was the morning after the official release of Lightroom 5. These lucky folks were among the first in the world to receive training on Lightroom 5. From Chicago I head to Toronto for where I will be giving a creative lecture and a lecture on Lightroom 5.

The next big Lightroom 5 workshop is in our home in Palm Beach Gardens July 23-26th. When we teach in our home we include a very special 7 course dinner with wine.

This week Adobe mentioned us in the official Lightroom Blog as a training resource

Lastly our Lightroom 5 book is in production and will be released within a month.




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Namibia 2014 Just added a second workshop

May 15th, 2013 |  by No comments

Illumination_VI_2012Reserve your space on our 2014 Namibia Dunes preregistration list.


Limited to 12 Participants (one spot left in October 31- November 11 , 2014 trip) 6 spots left in November 11-23, 2014)

Price $17,429 (includes all transportation in Africa including balloons and helicopters)


John Paul Caponigro

Seth Resnick

The Adventure

Explore three of the world’s most dramatic dune fields in one of the world’s oldest deserts – the Namib Desert.

Soar over and then walk through Sossusvlei’s 1000 foot high coral dunes and acacia tree studded clay pans.



Rove your way through the shores of the Skeleton Coast’s labyrinth of bone colored dunes.



4 wheel your way to and through Serra Cafema’s mountain ringed golden dunes.



We’ll see desert wildlife and Himba nomads along the way.


Our primary focus will be the extraordinary dune fields




Aerial Photography

This adventure includes both helicopter and hot air balloons for aerial photography.

Night Photography

You’ll enjoy several sessions of night photography.


Creativity, composition, workflow, and post-processing are only a few of the topics that will be presented.

You’ll get lots of guidance on site and reviews of your work off site.

Get ready for a non-stop week of making images in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape!



October 31 Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa with overnight at D’Oreale Grand Airport Hotel

November 1,2,3 KULALA DESERT LODGE  (Sossusvlei)

November 4 ATLANTIC VILLA GUEST HOUSE w/Dinner (Swakopmund)

November 5,6,7 HOANIB SKELETON COAST CAMP (Skeleton Coast)

November 8,9,10 SERRA CAFEMA CAMP (Serra Cafema)

November 11 Depart Serra Cafema for return to Windhoek and onto Johannesburg






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Be one of the first to learn Lightroom 5 Beta

April 16th, 2013 |  by No comments

Come and be one of the first in the world to learn Lightroom 5 Beta. We will be including LR5 Beta in our Los Angeles Lightroom Workshop which starts on Friday and has 2 spots left.

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Digital Photo Destinations Workshops – Not a photo tour – A true photography workshop

April 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

John Paul Caponigro and I take folks to exotic places like Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, The Atacama Desert, Namibia and places that folks dream about but rarely experience. When you travel with Digital Photo Destinations you get much more than a photo tour. We provide lectures as well as critiques of work and everyone gets one on one time.  Roger Ressmeyer who has been an executive at Getty Images and Corbis and has produced covers for National Geographic and now is producing a movie recently took our workshop in Iceland. Here is what Roger had to say about our workshop:

“Seth and JP’s Icelandic workshop was perfect in every imaginable way. It reignited my creativity and stretched my technical understanding to new heights. They are the teachers to teach teachers, and their laughter and excitement and awe of nature is totally contagious. I will be recommending their workshops to everybody who loves photography.”



See what others are saying about our dynamic program


Don’t miss out on our fabulous programs:

August 28-10, 2013


Dec 6-14, 2013


February 16-25, 2014


Namibia (Only 5 spaces left)
October 31 – November 11 2014 (more info soon(



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Iceland 2013 posted and workshops filling up fast.

March 28th, 2013 |  by No comments
Aurora over the Glacial Lagoon in Iceland

Aurora over the Glacial Lagoon in Iceland

I am back home after two fantastic back to back workshops in Iceland.  The aurora is a magnificent sight to see but difficult to photograph in a unique way. I have posted my images from Iceland at I hope you enjoy the images and we will certainly be back to Iceland in the future. For now our other workshops are filling up very fast and Antarctica 2014 has only 3 spots left. This will be the first time we fly both ways to Antarctica and avoid the Drake Passage. Sun Valley is sold out and Greenland has only 10 spaces left. My workshop at Santa Fe and with Greg Gorman also have only limited space and our return to the amazing Atacama Desert has only 5 spaces left. For more information on these workshops or any of our Lightroom Workshops please visit or

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Back from Antarctica and pictures are posted. Off to Iceland tomorrow…

March 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

Wow what an amazing February and here comes March… We got back from Antarctica last Saturday and started a workshop limited to 10 folks in Palm Beach Gardens. Tomorrow I leave for two Digital Photo Destination workshops in Iceland with good friend JP where we will be photographing Ice Caves and the Aurora. Our local dear friend and Icelandic photographic expert Ragnar just had some of his images featured in Time Magazine. Our workshop folks are truly being offered the best possible experience in Iceland.

My images from our Antarctica trip are posted. It was really an amazing trip and I concentrated on reflections and ice under water which i really find fascinating. I love Antarctica and JP and I have another trip scheduled , our 6th trip on February 16-25th 2014. This trip will include bypassing the infamous Drake Passage by flying to and from the continent. This trip is selling out fast with only 9 spots now left.20130213_danko_island_0289

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New D65 Lightroom Workshop added for July 23- July 26 in Palm Beach Gardens

March 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

We finished our Palm Beach Gardens sold out workshop and our next one in April is now sold out as well. We just added one more July 23 – July 26 in Palm Beach Gardens. The workshops in Palm Beach Gardens are limited to 10 people and include an incredible dinner with fantastic wines. The menu this past workshop was roasted figs stuffed with goat cheese and topped with caviar, followed by roasted escargot, slow roasted beef tenderloin and salted carmel and coconut gelato. Wines included some fabulous burgundy and one of my favorite vintages of Araujo of course. Register now for July 23-July 26


Dinner at Palm Beach Workshop

Dinner at Palm Beach Workshop




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Day Two of Digital Photo Destinations 2012 Antarctica Trip

February 10th, 2013 |  by No comments


Beautiful sunrise from Hotel in Ushuaia overlooking the harbor

Beautiful sunrise from Hotel in Ushuaia overlooking the harbor


I have a really good feeling that this Antarctica trip is going to be awesome. We had all 17 folks make it to Ushuaia but getting there was a bit rough as it always is in South America. Just as I was leaving for the airport I received a call from a passenger who was not allowed to board because she was lacking a receipt for an Argentinian visa even though the visa was in the Passport. Knowing that I too had the visa but with no receipt I suddenly had a vision that no one would be allowed to leave the US. I proceeded to the airport and then found out that JP somehow left home without his cameras and both of my kids were suddenly getting sick with very high fevers which required an emergency room visit. By the time I was at the airport both of my kids had vomited in bed on Jamie my beloved so the stress level was a bit high to say the least. To make matters worse two of our folks were told that there flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia was cancelled.



Tall peaks in and out of the clouds with fresh snow in Ushuaia

Tall peaks in and out of the clouds with fresh snow in Ushuaia

Somehow everything began to calm down once JP and I arrived in Ushuaia. We had a beautiful sunrise and went to all outdoor stores and then onto our favorite wine store where we were invited to a private tasting later that night which was simply awesome. On Friday morning we went to the wine store and purchased wine to share with everyone in our group and supplied them each with their own crystal wine glass for tastings to be held with dinner each night.
At wine tasting sampling great grapes for our group

At wine tasting sampling great grapes for our group

Dining on some incredible local King Crab in Ushuaia

Dining on some incredible local King Crab in Ushuaia

We headed to the boat and photographed some wonderful color at the dock area before boarding. We held our first group get together, did the mandatory life boat drill and dinner and then headed down the Beagle Channel towards the Drake Passage. It is now Sunday and we have been on the Drake for 12 plus hours and it is our mildest crossing so far. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being a ferocious Drake we are at about a 3 and there are no complaints about that.
Color along the pier in Ushuaia

Color along the pier in Ushuaia

A tire hangs on the side of a fishing boat in Ushuaia

A tire hangs on the side of a fishing boat in Ushuaia

Working on mast of ship in port

Working on mast of ship in port

As we pull away from port towards Antarctica, the crew of a large sailing vessel works on the mast with the Ushuaia mountains in background.

As we pull away from port towards Antarctica, the crew of a large sailing vessel works on the mast with the Ushuaia mountains in background.


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