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Intimate Lightroom Workshop In our Miami home March 7-10

February 18th, 2011 |  by No comments

We had such a fantastic time with a small group workshop in January at our home that we decided to continue this intimate program. There will be creative programs, business programs and workflow programs with  6-8 people max for an amazing experience!

The first one will be our 4-day, Lightroom 3 Workflow Workshop on March 7-10.  In addition to the course we will include a amazing wine tasting of some of the finest California wines and sunset shootings. The small group setting is conducive to involving everyone in the learning experience. With Jamie and I both teaching this is a close to a customized private workshop as possible at a totally affordable price.

Small intimate Lightroom Workshop in our Miami home

With a small workshop everyone gets personal one on one instruction

Jamie and Seth teaching Lightroom in the intimate setting of their Miami home

After learning Lightroom all day there is nothing like a wine workflow at night

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An Early Happy 80th Birthday to Jay Maisel

January 16th, 2011 |  by Comments off

I am off to Botswana which is going to be a fantastic trip but one with very limited internet. On January 18th, Jay Maisel turns 80. God as I refer to him has been my mentor for decades and I just couldn’t leave for Africa without saying a few words about Jay.I met Jay formally in 1978 when he came to speak at Syracuse University. Stephen Wilkes and I were room mates and Jay stayed at our house. Stephen decided that he needed to work for Jay and I was mesmerized by Jay’s images. His work set off something inside me that made me realize what I love about photography. I also admired his sense of business and his opposition to work for hire. Lastly, my grandfather smoked cigars and Jay smoked a brand that my grandfather smoked so I instantly found that Jay automatically invoked some of my fondest childhood memories. Since 1978 I have stayed friends with Jay and my admiration grew and continues to grow. He was and still is my mentor and I am simply blown away not only by his work but also by the vast quantities of amazing images that he continually produces. I started to carry a camera with me at all times and my shoulder attributes these problems to my mentor. When I started teaching I would always show students work of people I admired and somewhere along the line I started telling folks that my photographic mentor was God. I would explain that my God was a little different than theirs because mine smokes a cigar and carries a Nikon. To this day I still tell every class stories about God..

I could write a book about Jayism’s and stories about God but a few particular stories stand out above all the rest. I have heard Jay say that one of the most embarrassing moments in his life involved me. I am honored… I had my two girls with me. Paige was about 11 and Karalyn was about 6 and we were driving from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Santa Fe where I was going to be teaching a course. Along the way I am telling my girls that Santa Fe is very much unlike Boston or New York. It is a gorgeous peaceful place where you don’t even need to lock your doors and a place where kids can ride bikes and play without adults always watching. The girls were very excited to see this Utopia. We pull into the parking lot at the Santa Fe Workshops and I park my car. I notice that on the opposite side of the parking lot in my rear view mirror there is another car and all I can see are two legs and the open door. I don’t think twice about it and tell the girls that I just want to make sure that there is someone still at the school because it is now after hours. I open my car door and hear a deep voice which says.” Hey we don’t want your type here” Get the fuck out of here” “Go Home” and a few other foul expressions. Both of my girls are instantly scared and I feel like an idiot because Santa Fe is just like Boston and New York. I calmly tell them that it is probably a homeless person and we will all just hold hands and walk to the building. As I am walking the “homeless guy” gets out of the car and my girls are terrified. As I am holding them I turn and the homeless guy is Jay and his face is bright red. I look at him and laugh and say Jay what are you doing here? not realizing that he was teaching the week earlier. My girls say out loud, “You know this guy”?  To this day Jay still cringes at the story but yes I did know that guy and it was a classic introduction to my family…

I think the other classic J story was a few years back and I was having dinner with LA, Amanda and Jay. Jay and I were yapping away and Amanda looked at me and said. “You really remind me of my father.” I replied thank you that is quite a compliment. Amanda replied, ” I didn’t mean it as a compliment”……

Well, I would write a few more but Jay won’t read these anyways and God will probably say What Dfuck is a blog…


Jay Maisel in Sedona with no further caption needed.

The assortment of pills that Jay Maisel takes on a daily basis. Laguna Beach 2004

A photograph of Jay Maisel that I still use to describe God, the guy with the cigar and the Nikon

A shadow of photographer, Jay Maisel cast on a fence in Little Havana in Miami

ay Maisel talking about the arrow in the Fed Ex logo


Jay Maisel and Jamie Spritzer both pregnant

Jay Maisel smoking a cigar

What is he thinking? It must be all about the colors in the knife.....

The end of the world has come. Jay Maisel text messaging......

Jay Maisel Oct 2010


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Antarctica Trip – Nov 30 – Dec 10 2011 – early signup

September 9th, 2010 |  by Comments off

We are putting together another trip to Antarctica:)

Antarctica Trip – Nov 30 – Dec 10 2011 – early signup

Dear friends,

At long last, we are contacting you with the latests details about our Antarctica 2011 workshop.

We had hoped to be in touch with you much sooner. There have been many delays with the travel company we’ve worked with in the past Quark. We didn’t want to contact you until we had firm details. We do now.We still plan to visit the highlights of the Antarctic Penninsula – Deception Island (sailing into an active volcano), Paradise Bay (gliding below slowly calving glaciers), Neko Harbor (walking up to the edge of and looking down at a calving glacier), Lamaire Channel (sailing through mountain peaks at sunset), Plenneau Bay (iceberg graveyard) and many more.

Our timing (November 30 – December 10) is early in the season when the ice is great, the weather is good, and the penguins are nesting.

There will be many lectures, demonstrations, and reviews – more than in previous voyages.

There will be special guest instructors – soon to be announced. (We’ve got a killer list.)

The cost of the trip is based on the type of berth you opt for – single, double, or triple occupancy.We are traveling on one of Quark’s most comfortable boats the Ocean Nova.

$7,990 (shared triple berth)

$9,990 (shared double berth)

$14,990 ( single berth)

These rates include all on board expenses; travel, room, board, lectures, etc.

They do not include airfare to and from Ushuaia, Argentina.

After long negotiations, we have been limited to one payment option.All participants will need to make a full non-refundable commitment to the trip.

We realize not all of you are either willing or able to make this financial commitment at this time.

We hope that enough of you are able to do this so we can make a 2011 voyage.

We’re writing to you now to inquire if you are among those willing and able to make this commitment now (within the next four weeks).

The fee is transferable – you can sell or gift a spot to someone else.

In addition, we recommend Quark’s travel insurance which will protect your investment should you need to make a cancellation later.

Funds will not be collected by Quark until we have positive responses from enough people (we’ll alert you in the next ten days) and Quark is ready to receive funds (several weeks).

Availability on this trip is limited and will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

The first three voyages sold out in as little as 72 hours.

Even if you are not able to make this commitment at this time, we’d like to hear from you, about whether you are still interested in making this voyage with us and what type of berth you’re interested in.

In short, all we need from you at this time is to hear back from you.

1 You are willing and able to make this commitment now. Your preference of berth types.

2You are unable to make this commitment now but will be able to do so at a later date. Your preference of berth types.

We hope to hear from you very soon (please email us).

And we look forward to recontacting you shortly thereafter.

Our very best wishes,

Andy Biggs

John Paul Caponigro

Seth Resnick

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Back from Canon Expo

September 7th, 2010 |  by Comments off

I am back from presenting at the Canon Expo which ran August 31 to September 3, at the Javits Center in NY. Personally I was working with a wonderful designer named Cat Nastasoiu. We would come up with a concept for an ad and then execute the concept and output the whole thing in about 10 minutes. There was lots of new technology although most of it has not been incorporated into a product and no details about future products were available. Still it was truly enlightening to have a peak at the future. For me one of the coolest things that I saw was a prototype LCD monitors with an 8-megapixel display, or roughly 4x HD. This Ultra-High-Definition 8-Megapixel display blew me away. I was able to read small Photoshop type from 10 feet away. I can’t wait for the day when two of these are on my desktop.  Below are some of my shots for one of our ads on one of the new screens.Other things that I saw were a Multipurpose Camera which resembled something like a futuristic Hasselblad which Canon also called a 4K camera. The design includes an integrated 7-140mm, 20x optical zoom lens with maximum apertures of f/1.8 to f/3.8. The lens drive system is a new design that is electronically controlled. The Canon Multipurpose Camera’s 2/3-inch, 8-megapixel CMOS sensor shoots video at more than 60 frames per second at a resolution that’s four times greater than HD. That’s 4,000 lines of resolution, or 4,096 pixels wide.

I also saw a 300mm wafer-size CMOS sensor with 600um pixels, which is able to capture a 1-megapixel image. The extreme sensitivity allows the sensor to capture clear human facial expressions in light measuring only 1 lux, a light level where the naked eye would only see faint movement of shadows, according to Canon. The Ultra High-sensitivity CMOS sensor is currently used in a telescope in Japan.

I was intrigued by a  Ultra High-Resolution Panorama Camera’s with a 120-megapixel sensor roughly the size of Canon’s current APS-H chip, as used in the EOS-1D Mark IV.Canon also said that the 120-megapixel sensor was comparable to the number of optic nerves in the human eye, which is about 130 million. The sensor can output 1.4 frames per second with a 2.52 Gbps data rate. It can also output Full HD video at 60 fps from a designated area on the sens

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What Inspires you?

July 25th, 2010 |  by Comments off

Just a Sunday Night Blog….

My daughter Karalyn was visiting for the Summer and just left. This leaves me in a somber mood. I need to change my mood so I started to think what inspires me. The first thing that came to mind was a college friend reminding me about the 80th birthday of a professor that was coming up. You may say huh… but this was no ordinary professor. This man Thomas Richards, appropriately known as TR changed my life. It is kind of corny to think of the one person who influenced you but without a doubt this is the man. I was a student at Syracuse University and it was 1978 and I was off to London for a Semester. In the class was Bob Sacha, Stephen Wilkes, Nancy Leigh and few others. We all became friends and we were inspired by a truly amazing professor, Thomas Richards more affectionately known as TR. TR is retired but he still comes up in conversation on a very regular basis. Stephen, Bob and I went on to become college roommates and lifelong friends.

So where am I going with this. Well for one TR’s birthday is coming up. This man was not only an influence to me but also to a whole consortium of Syracuse University grads. Right off the top of my head comes Eric Meola, Clint Clemens, Joe McNally, Stephen Wilkes, Bob Sacha, Nancy Leigh and countless others. So again where am I going with this besides TR?

Whenever I’m in a dry spell of inspiration, also known as photographic block or temporary depression, a bottle of red wine will re-ignite the spark of inspiration in me. As helpful as this may be, it also puzzles me. What is it about red wine that makes me creative? What is it about photographers that picking 20 great images leads to depression?

Red wine, or more likely the alcohol that’s included in the package, has mysterious effects when it comes down to human behavior. It affects feelings, creativity, conscious thought, rationality and, when consumed in too large quantities, even motor skills. But of course with the appreciation of red wine comes a real love of red wine or in my case a fanaticism with red wine or anything else that truly inspires me.

Back to the original question

What inspires me o what is the effect of red wine that makes me creative again? I think it comes down to two things:

Red wine or rather good red wine

shuts down rationality
takes away inhibitions
These effects make each other stronger. If rationality is not important, inhibitions have no rational basis anymore. And with the inhibitions gone, irrationality is not stupid anymore. Creativity is often a spark of the unexpected. And that, down to the core is irrational; otherwise it was to be expected (or not?).

I, for one, never thought I would ever write about red wine or a college professor on a blog about photography, but it makes sense anyway.

Why do we need inhibitions in the first place? They only make sure we are ‘normal’ and ‘fit in’. You are an original, no matter what you do. If it is what everyone else is doing, that fine! And if it’s ‘different’, that’s fine too!

Since this is about photography, the people who really inspired me photographically are:
Thomas Richards TR… He let me find myself and gave the encouragement that only a true teacher can provide…
Susan Meiselas – I was a photojournalist and one day saw photographs of the war in Nicaragua and they were in color not black and white. The photographs were went beyond photojournalism and bought the concept of art and war in color under one roof. It bought everything photographically inside me together…
Jay Maisel- I affectionately refer to him as God. In Syracuse I knew I loved journalism and at the time black and white newspaper journalism attracted me but I wanted more inside. I saw Jay’s work and instantly knew that here was a guy that shot what he saw but did so in a way that I had never really seen. Spectacular color, form and composition and all real pictures. Yes he is still a God and a good friend and his work is legendary
Eric Meola- God 2 to me and only because I didn’t really get to know him until I already had a God 1… Eric is a combination of everything that makes photography attractive to me. Early on in my career I found his work to be my goal and my dream. On the commercial side he was doing things like helicopters at sunset with reflections in front of buildings and bizarre and profoundly graphic, a old cadillac sticking out of car port with perfect red and a blue sky. OMG I thought when I first saw these images and OMG I still think when I look at them 30 years later.
So the moral of the story is think about why you are inspired and who or what inspired you? and what is your favorite wine?
1994  Araujo Cabernet  is certainly my favorite wine……
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Headed to Key West

June 25th, 2010 |  by No comments

We are heading to Key West for some shooting and fun. Traveling light with a few bodies and couple of lenses including my favorite 70 to 200. In addition to Key West characters we will be looking at how tourism is being affected by the oil spill.

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Miami World Naked Bike Ride

June 11th, 2010 |  by Comments off
Hi everyone I hope you have a great weekend. Sitting down and drinking a little wine. Going to shoot something totally bizarre and classic for a good cause this weekend. The cause is a protest against the Gulf Oil Spill. The event -The first ever Miami World Naked Bike Ride happens this Saturday at the sun-friendly time of 4:30 p.m. The ride starts outside a Miami BP gas station at Biscayne and 10th Street, then heads to South Beach via the Venetian Causeway.
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June 8th, 2010 |  by No comments

At 4:15 EST D65 went live with our new website. Check out the new services and site


Seth and Jamie

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Lightroom 3 Released

June 8th, 2010 |  by No comments

Last night at midnight EST Adobe released Lightroom 3. LR 3 has many new features but some of the coolest are:

  • Better overall performance
  • Support for video
  • Image Watermarking
  • New Import Dialog
  • Awesome new noise reduction
  • Totally way cool Lens Corrections both auto and manual
  • Integration with Flickr
  • Tethered shooting
  • Slideshows exportable with music
  • Print packages
  • Addition of Grain

We have a brand new book on Lightroom 3 which we will be posting shortly.


Seth and Jamie

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Welcome to the D65 Blog

June 6th, 2010 |  by Comments off

We are very excited to present our new Blog and new Website. We will be regularly hosting webinars and we have our new book which will be announced soon as well as some great workshops.


Seth and Jamie

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