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A Body of Work

February 14th, 2015 |  by No comments

Almost any photographer can produce 10 to 20 really good images but that in itself, may no longer be enough to gain them the recognition that will take their craft further. Developing a voice or a style and eventually developing a successful body of work may help provide you with the edge to take your work to the next level.


20140407_chefchaouen_0111If you are a painter there are words to describe the style of painting that very clearly communicates the type of work you produce such as Impressionism, Realism, Photorealism, Fauvism, Surrealism. If you work in ceramics, or glass or just about any form of art other than photography the outside world gets a pretty good idea about your art. Yet, when it comes to photography, most folks just call themselves a photographer, which leaves the door wide open for interpretation. When I say that I am a photographer, I am routinely asked if I do weddings and when I say no, I am asked if I do wildlife and when I say sometimes, they are already confused. When I add in that I also photograph people and landscapes and produce commercial work for magazines, and fine art for galleries they are clearly even more confused.

– See more at:

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ANTARCTICA TWO VISIONS Seth Resnick & John Paul Caponigro

August 8th, 2014 |  by No comments

Enchanting Antarctica is explored in this beautiful ebook.


Individual portfolios are followed by a selection of images shot at the same locations at the same times by both artists.

Essays include personal responses to place and insights into the many influences that arise by working side-by-side.

It’s inspiring!

46 images

60 pages

It’s free!

Download it here!

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Advertorial for Canon in The New Yorker

June 14th, 2013 |  by No comments

I was pretty psyched to see a three page advertorial with my images run in The New Yorker and more ads are about to be released by several other National publications with additional images.2013_Canon_ad

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Namibia 2014 Just added a second workshop

May 15th, 2013 |  by No comments

Illumination_VI_2012Reserve your space on our 2014 Namibia Dunes preregistration list.


Limited to 12 Participants (one spot left in October 31- November 11 , 2014 trip) 6 spots left in November 11-23, 2014)

Price $17,429 (includes all transportation in Africa including balloons and helicopters)


John Paul Caponigro

Seth Resnick

The Adventure

Explore three of the world’s most dramatic dune fields in one of the world’s oldest deserts – the Namib Desert.

Soar over and then walk through Sossusvlei’s 1000 foot high coral dunes and acacia tree studded clay pans.



Rove your way through the shores of the Skeleton Coast’s labyrinth of bone colored dunes.



4 wheel your way to and through Serra Cafema’s mountain ringed golden dunes.



We’ll see desert wildlife and Himba nomads along the way.


Our primary focus will be the extraordinary dune fields




Aerial Photography

This adventure includes both helicopter and hot air balloons for aerial photography.

Night Photography

You’ll enjoy several sessions of night photography.


Creativity, composition, workflow, and post-processing are only a few of the topics that will be presented.

You’ll get lots of guidance on site and reviews of your work off site.

Get ready for a non-stop week of making images in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape!



October 31 Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa with overnight at D’Oreale Grand Airport Hotel

November 1,2,3 KULALA DESERT LODGE  (Sossusvlei)

November 4 ATLANTIC VILLA GUEST HOUSE w/Dinner (Swakopmund)

November 5,6,7 HOANIB SKELETON COAST CAMP (Skeleton Coast)

November 8,9,10 SERRA CAFEMA CAMP (Serra Cafema)

November 11 Depart Serra Cafema for return to Windhoek and onto Johannesburg






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Digital Photo Destinations Workshops – Not a photo tour – A true photography workshop

April 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

John Paul Caponigro and I take folks to exotic places like Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, The Atacama Desert, Namibia and places that folks dream about but rarely experience. When you travel with Digital Photo Destinations you get much more than a photo tour. We provide lectures as well as critiques of work and everyone gets one on one time.  Roger Ressmeyer who has been an executive at Getty Images and Corbis and has produced covers for National Geographic and now is producing a movie recently took our workshop in Iceland. Here is what Roger had to say about our workshop:

“Seth and JP’s Icelandic workshop was perfect in every imaginable way. It reignited my creativity and stretched my technical understanding to new heights. They are the teachers to teach teachers, and their laughter and excitement and awe of nature is totally contagious. I will be recommending their workshops to everybody who loves photography.”



See what others are saying about our dynamic program


Don’t miss out on our fabulous programs:

August 28-10, 2013


Dec 6-14, 2013


February 16-25, 2014


Namibia (Only 5 spaces left)
October 31 – November 11 2014 (more info soon(



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Iceland 2013 posted and workshops filling up fast.

March 28th, 2013 |  by No comments
Aurora over the Glacial Lagoon in Iceland

Aurora over the Glacial Lagoon in Iceland

I am back home after two fantastic back to back workshops in Iceland.  The aurora is a magnificent sight to see but difficult to photograph in a unique way. I have posted my images from Iceland at I hope you enjoy the images and we will certainly be back to Iceland in the future. For now our other workshops are filling up very fast and Antarctica 2014 has only 3 spots left. This will be the first time we fly both ways to Antarctica and avoid the Drake Passage. Sun Valley is sold out and Greenland has only 10 spaces left. My workshop at Santa Fe and with Greg Gorman also have only limited space and our return to the amazing Atacama Desert has only 5 spaces left. For more information on these workshops or any of our Lightroom Workshops please visit or

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Back from Antarctica and pictures are posted. Off to Iceland tomorrow…

March 3rd, 2013 |  by No comments

Wow what an amazing February and here comes March… We got back from Antarctica last Saturday and started a workshop limited to 10 folks in Palm Beach Gardens. Tomorrow I leave for two Digital Photo Destination workshops in Iceland with good friend JP where we will be photographing Ice Caves and the Aurora. Our local dear friend and Icelandic photographic expert Ragnar just had some of his images featured in Time Magazine. Our workshop folks are truly being offered the best possible experience in Iceland.

My images from our Antarctica trip are posted. It was really an amazing trip and I concentrated on reflections and ice under water which i really find fascinating. I love Antarctica and JP and I have another trip scheduled , our 6th trip on February 16-25th 2014. This trip will include bypassing the infamous Drake Passage by flying to and from the continent. This trip is selling out fast with only 9 spots now left.20130213_danko_island_0289

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Three New Photo Destination Workshops Antarctica, Greenland, Atacama Desert

February 1st, 2013 |  by No comments


View of Iceberg extending deep into the ocean in Paradise Cove, Antarctica


2014 Antarctica Circle Crossing


February 16-25, 2014




After flying to King George Island (avoiding The Drake Passage) you’ll experience an incredible voyage to beautiful Antarctica on one of the most comfortable expedition vessels in the fleet – The Ocean Nova. You’ll journey south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never sets and few have ever gone!

More than a photo tour, this workshop is a life-changing experience.

Join us for our 6th trip to Antarctica.

Space is limited. You’ll receive lots of personal attention.

Find out more here and reserve your space today

See some of Seth’s Antarctica images 





2013 Greenland Western Fjiords


August 28-September 10, 2013




Join us for a voyage along the spectacular west coast of Greenland . We’llvisit dramatic fiords with towering ice cliffs, magnificent glaciers calving icebergs, ancient villages, and wonderful wildlife (polar bears, walrus, seal, whales, and many sea birds).

This is more than a photo tour. This is a life-changing experience. Our photography workshop offer seminars, demonstrations, reviews, special pre/post voyage webinars, and lots of one-on-one attention.

We’ll have Zodiacs dedicated to our photography group only with one instructor guiding each boat.We’ll work closely with the crew to shoot in the best times at the most beautiful places.Most importantly, we’ll work closely with you to help you make the most of the adventure and get the best results possible

 Space in our program is limited, so you’re assured of receiving lots of personalized attention while traveling with fellow voyagers who share your passions.

Find out more

Reserve your space today.
You must be on our list to register in our program.

Seth’s images from 2012 trip







2013 Atacama Desert 2013


December 6-14, 2013




Our Atacama/Puna Desert (South America) adventure in December was such a tremendous success that we are returning in December 2013 with an even better itinerary. The trip will sell out extremely fast. Only 6 spaces left. 


For More Info and Registration

Images from our 2012 trip

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Auroras / Night Photography, Glaciers & Ice Caves ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT

January 18th, 2013 |  by No comments



Our March 14 – 20 Iceland Workshop is completely sold out so we added a second workshop from March 6-12. We have only one spot left in the second workshop. This is going to be an awesome workshop which is coordinated around the 10 year peak of the Norhtern Lights. We will be in an optimal location for the best viewing in a decade. If you are interested in the one open spot Register Today.

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Highlights from Atacama Desert – Chile, Argentina and Bolivia

December 29th, 2012 |  by No comments
Thunderstorm followed by rainbows at salt flats in Salinas Grande, Argentina

Thunderstorm followed by rainbows at salt flats in Salinas Grande, Argentina

John Paul Caponigro and I are back from our Digital Photo Destinations workshop in the Puna & Atacama deserts spanning three countries – Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Some of the major highlights from this spectacular landscape were the pumice stone fields of Campo De Pedro Pomez, The Red Labyrinth. Salinas Grandes, and Salar De Uyuni. Stretching more than 600 miles from Northern Chile, the Atacama Desert rises from a thin coastal shelf to the pampas—virtually lifeless plains that dip down to river gorges layered with mineral sediments from the Andes. The pampas rises up to the altiplano or the foothills of the Andes, with rising volcanoes along the continental divide, reaching  more than 20,000 feet. According to NASA, the Atacama is the driest desert in the world. Part’s of the Chilean Atacama have not seen rain since record keeping began. Without water the environment is sterile so nothing breaks down and everything is permanently preserved.

We’re planning our 2013 workshop. The tentative dates are December 6 -14, 2013.  If you’d like to join us email me at This workshop will sell out fast.
In addition to the images posted below, more images from our trip are posted at:
Happy New Year
Dunes at sunrise in San Pedro Atacama

Dunes at sunrise in San Pedro Atacama

One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever witnessed in San Pedro, Atacama

One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever witnessed in San Pedro, Atacama


Bubbling mud from geothermal area in Sur Lipez, Bolivia

Bubbling mud from geothermal area in Sur Lipez, Bolivia


Moon Valley

Moon Valley



Salt flats in Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Salt flats in Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

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